Vacation or Survivor?

Out of this World was not what I was expecting. Knowing that this book is from Jill Shalvis I should have known it would not be the average story and in this case it dealt with another dimension altogether.

Rachel Bond is a free spirit and doesn’t take responsibility seriously that is until she inherits a bed and breakfast from her great aunt. Rachel is going there for the weekend with her best friends brother. She expects it will be simple but once they get to this isolated B&B in Alaska nothing is what it seems along with the sudden interest she has for Kellan.

Kellan McInty took his sisters place to help Rachel. He wanted to spend time with her, always but she never noticed. Traveling to Alaska will let Kellan be shown in a new light for Rachel but it is not that easy. Kellan will soon understand that something very different is going on.

Jill Shalvis is an author who is a creative writer with her witty and at times strange plots with lots of sexual desire. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was quirky and you didn’t know what was going on but learned as the story was being told.

The sexual desire of Rachel and Kellan was very exposlivs and exciting to read. I was sad to think it was all because of the situation but Shalvis gives an ending you will be happy with.

Now how Shalvis wrote the book was fun to read. I liked the first person point of view with Rachel but she also gave it from Kellan. The switch of point of views was clear and not confusing.

Out of this World was fun and quirky novel to read and will get you into the mood to want to read more of Jill Shalvis.


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