Finding your own heiress

The sixth book, Surrender to a Scoundrel, is part of the American Heiress series and so far is the last one but one never knows. I picked up Julianne MacLean’s book for the heck of it.

Evelyn Foster now known as Evelyn Wheaton is now off to find a husband. She is an heiress and is wanted for that but that will all change when the boy who saved her life comes back into it. But this boy is still that scoundrel who is all charming and a rogue.

Lord Martin Langdon is known to be a scoundrel and reckless ever since his days a school. Martin is in for a surprise as he finds himself face to face with the one woman who they say cannot be tempted. Martin will try his best to tempt that woman who has haunted him.

After reading I have to say it was a book which held your attention. MacLean keeps the plot simple but the characters complex with their own inner demons that are threatening them. I liked how the past paved the road for these characters and who they have developed into.

Evelyn’s character was comeplling to read about as she makes a judgment about Martin and keeps that fresh in her mind to remind herself to hate him. But I liked how MacLean allowed Evelyn’s character take back her words and truly see from a new perspective.

Martin’s character was the normal rogue and rake but reformed and then back again. I liked how MacLean shows the pain not in the words but by actions which happen in the book.

The villains in the book are described well and are played out. The reader knows exactly who is at fault but all you can do is read how it will unfold.

After reading Surrender to a Scoundrel I know I will be checking out the earlier additions to the American Heiress series to see how the series started.


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