The Marine’s Babies

Captain Jace Monroe was a great marine but what he wasn’t prepared for was playing daddy to two twin girls he knew nothing about. Getting two little girls dumped on his doorstep was not ideal but he had to make it work as the mother of the children abadoned them. Feeling out of his league he found a nanny.

Emma Stewart knew this would be hard to do. A nanny job after her tragedy but she wanted to do this. Helping Jace and his little girls was the best job but one that she would not always have. Of course having the marine as your employer made a few things difficult as feelings started to show on both sides. But tragedy will make it hard for each to trust and truly love one another.

The Marine’s Babies was a cute short book which falls in the category of harlequin books. Laura Marie Altom gives a short story where the characters each are supporting hurt from their past and the only way to be fine is to come together. I liked that she was able to have depths with the characters in such a short novel.

For a short romance book The Marine’s Babies is a delight to read.


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