Get Tempted By the Night

Picking up the book Tempted By The Night I expected a regency romance not paranormal especially as the back of the book does not reveal any other worldly activity.

Lady Hermione Marlowe is known to be part of an odd family and it made making a match harder especially as the man she wants she ends up making a fool over herself. What is worst is she is not even on his radar. But with a wish and a ring she will find her world will get a little different.

Lord Rockhurst is a rogue and a rake at least that is what they say but Rockhurst has other things to worry about. He has no time for a woman as danger surrounds him but that will change as a shadow starts to follow him and temptation will rule his emotions.

Since I was thrown it took a little longer to get into the book. I love paranormal so when you do get into Elizabeth Boyle’s book you end up enjoying the book. It does get a little confusing with what is going on with all the other worldly creatures but if you hold onto the end everything does make sense.

Boyle brings a lot of passion. The pages will sizzle as Lady Hermione and Lord Rockhurst fill the pages. She brings regency, paranormal and wit through the book which makes it enjoyable to read.


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