Cowboy Up

The six book, Cowboy Up, of the series Sons of Chance is another steamy story delivered by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Emily Sterling has been a California girl her whole life even though her father is a cowboy. All Emily ever heard from both her parents is don’t get involved with a cowboy. Well Emily is back for her father’s birthday and knows that ranching is something she loves, it doesn’t hurt a certain cowboy is captured her attention.

Clay Whitaker has lived on the ranch for some time know. This has been the most stable home he has but now Emily is back once again. At eighteen he fell for her but she wanted nothing to do with him. Now at twenty eight he still can’t get her out of his head. He wants to dislike her for how she treats her father but all is not as it appears, and he will soon find the real Emily.

As another book to the series I liked it. Again very steamy with the scenes and Thompson writes the relationships in the story well. I liked that there was more to Emily than she appeared and had a good head on her shoulders. Clay was the ultimate cowboy who you wanted to lust after but he was also the type to guard himself from deep feelings like love. Thompson got you cheering for them to have that happy ending.


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