The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride

The second book, The Tycoon’s Rebel Bride, comes out strong. Maya Banks gives the next brother a chance at marriage in the Anetakis Tycoon’s series.

Theron Anetakis is a Tycoon along with his brothers. He lives in New York where he is heading their hotel project. Theron is getting to the point where he wants a family. His plan is to propose to a good Greek girl, Alannis. But his plans will go wrong when his brothers ward shows up and Isabella is nothing liked he remembered.

Isabella “Bella” Caplan has been in love with Theron all her life. At first it was an infatuation but now its love. Bella’s plan was to seduce Theron into loving her but now there is a hitch to her plan, Theron is going to marry another woman.

As a sequel to the Anetakis Tycoon series I loved it. Theron is all business while Bella is all fun. They complement each other. I was wondering how Banks was going to solve the proposal of Alannis and was pleasantly happy with the outcome. Love of course conquers the characters but it is a struggle.

I also liked how Bella grew up in the book but she didn’t loose her spunk. And how Theron loosened up to find what he really needed. Readers will love to read about how their love came to be.


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