Lead Me On

Finishing up on the Tumble Creek series is Lead Me On by Victoria Dahl. I was excited to read that this book is all about Jane who is Quinn’s secretary with a hidden past.

Jane Morgan took pride in her job, in the life she created for herself but something is being hidden. Jane is hiding a past which she is ashamed. Jane though cannot run from this past as her past is coming back to haunt her like the man she wants to be with.

William Chase or known as Chase owns his own business but he is not the normal looking business man with his biceps, tattoo and steel toed boots. Chase is immediately interested in Jane and likes how she looks cute and proper. Chase though will find out a whole lot more about himself and Jane as they embark on saving her brother from jail.

I loved reading all about her. Dahl does a fantastic job creating Jane to be a woman with a haunted past which created what she is today. There are many dimensions to her character that will lead you to want to know what made her change her ways.

I also liked how Dahl connected the characters Chase and Jane by giving them a past but more importantly a future.

Tumble Creek series is a worthwhile series that will take you through all the emotions. (Talk Me Down, Start Me Up and Lead Me On)


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