Born To Bite

Lucky thirteen book goes to Armand the man who has had the worst luck when it comes to wives.

Armand Argeneau has loved one woman but unfortuantly she met an untimely death after their son was born. Armand had not been lucky to find another lifemate but married two more times as a pregnancy occurred and soon after another untimely death. Armand has kept himself locked up away from his family to avoid anymore deaths. Now he is faced with another lifemate and accidents start up again as the investigation if brought forward.

Eshe d’Aureus is an enforcer and is good at her job. She had the chance at a lifemate and spent many years with each other. Now he is gone and Eshe was surprised to find herself connecting with another. The problem was he was someone she was investigating. Eshe made it her duty to prove that Armand had nothing to do with the murders. She will search for her answer but the closer she gets the closer she is to her own death as accidents keep coming her way.

I found myself really liking the characters of Eshe and Armand in Born To Bite. It seemed simple how they connected as they each already had a lifemate. I loved Eshe’s brazen and carefree attitude but wouldn’t take any b.s. Then Armand with his simple ways and his quiet passion until of course it is released by his lifemate.

Lynsay Sands wrote this story well when it came time for suspense in the book. I had a feeling I knew the person doing the attacking but it did not make sense with the rest of the woman who were killed. Of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Sands will weave in several twists within the story only to give a conclusion to the person behind the murders, Nicholas his freedom and Armand some peace.

I found that after this book I am drawing closer to the end of the series well at least the end of what Sands has written and available for the public. But I wonder when Justin Bricker will have his shoot at a lifemate. I like his character and can’t help but want him to find that happiness that is surrounding everyone else.

Now the next book, Hungry For You, will star Alexandra Willan who is  Sam’s sister and maybe we will have Sam making the decision to change once her sisters have now found their lifemates.

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