The Renegade Hunter

Nicholas Argeneau is on the run for fifty years now for murdering an innocent woman. As an ex rogue hunter he is good at getting away but when an innocent woman is trouble he helps and this time he finds his own trouble. The woman he saves is his lifemate and this time he doesn’t want her to die so he will keep away but when he does things keep going from bad to worse. Nicholas has to stick close to Jo for her own safety.

Josephine ‘Jo’ Willan was stunned to be attacked at her sisters party only to be next kissing her hero and wanting more from him. Jo is soon thrust into troubles regarding the immortals and finds all about them. She wants a life with Nicholas and will fight to save him from himself if necessary.

So going back to reading the series I found myself once back into the immortals. For some reason it disappeared in the eleventh book but its back with the twelfth, The Renegade Hunter. Lynsay Sands gives Nicholas a chance to clear his name and join his family once again.

I like that Nicholas was a tortured immortal but did right by those who needed help. You knew that something was wrong about him killing an innocent and Sands will explain but not all the way. There will be a cliff hanger leading us into the next book to find out why his stepmothers were killed, why Annie was killed or for him to be executed.

I was happy to read that Jo was Sam’s sister. Not remembering their last name I was surprised to read the book. I was excited to see Sands was going to bring the sisters into the series so Sam would be able to keep her family. The party at the beginning was humorous with Sam’s attempt at matchmaking for her sisters.

Now I will admit before this book and The Immortal Hunter I didn’t remember reading about Nicholas which is why I wish the book had a family tree. The ones before had them. Its hard to keep track of all the Argeneau family.

Can’t wait for Armand’s chance at finding a wife that doesn’t meet a tragic end.

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