Devil’s Bride

Starting a new series is sometimes hard as you don’t know whether or not this book will fit to your liking. Luckily Devil’s Bride which was recommended to me and was one that did not fail.

The Duke of St. Ives or between known as Devil is on a mission which takes a step back when he stumbles on a woman leaning over a body. A body that is his younger cousins who is now barely living. With the help of the woman they make Tolly’s death peaceful but now Devil has a few more problems. One is who killed his cousin and what is he to do with this woman that he has now sworn to be his wife.

Honoria Wetherby is a governess with a mission. She readies young ladies for their coming out. Honoria was built for this life and uses her knowledge to help others out. Honoria’s plans were going well until she stumbled upon a boy. She tried to help him along with the assistance of a man but the boy was lost to them. Honoria will find herself staying overnight with a man she doesn’t even know his true identity. She will be infuriated to know he is the Duke and then tells her she will be his wife. Honoria will not sit quietly but the mystery to help uncover the murderer will keep her there.

Stephanie Laurens is an author I can definitely see myself reading more. The series Cynster started off great with Devil. They are a family that you could easily fall in love with like Julia’s Quinn Bridgerton series.

Now at first I will have to say it was a little hard to adjust with all new members of the family. The thing that will confuse me the most is their names and then the other ones they use. I have to say though the names of Devil, Demon, Scandal are pretty funny and I’m sure they will live up to them.

For the two characters Honoria and Devil you will love their stubbornness. She doesn’t want to get married as tragedy has made her scared to open herself up to the possibility. He wants her and will do anything to have her and to protect her. He was a rake but an up standing rake who wanted this woman for more than a roll in the hay. Cynster men’s role is to protect woman and to take care of them but Honoria will give them a run for their money.

Now the bad guy I had guessed early on but I didn’t know why. I thought it was jealousy but there was more thought put into it.

I already looked at the list of books contributed to the series and I have high hopes but I wonder if all these all family members of the Cynsters or will Lauren’s be branching out and accommodating new members to sustain the growing series?

Nevertheless I am looking forward to finding out more of the Cynster family and reading of their adventures and the woman who snag them.


2 thoughts on “Devil’s Bride

  1. I had a feeling you’d like this one. I’m only up to book 5 but so far so good.

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