Any Way You Want It

Maggie Gallagher is on vacation from her work with her two friends. After a break up with her boyfriend her friends encouraged a fling with a musician who started to pay attention to her. Maggie will throw caution to the wind and follow the music.

Renauldo D’Antoni now goes as Ren Anthony for a modern take on his name. As a composer years ago music has been his passion and as a vampire he has had plenty time to work on his music. Now Ren will find a woman who is not like the others. He will find himself wanting her but is scared by keeping her would be unfair.

I really liked Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love. I had started the series a while ago with the fourth book. This book was fun in the sense that Love keeps it lighthearted with humor and an easy plot to follow. I liked the different take she did on vampires. In the book Ren was a vampire but he was also a lampir, a vampire that sucks the energy instead of biting the person. With most of the vampire books it is a bite on the neck. Its nice to read about vampires with a little twist, but still the classic vampires will always be wanted.


4 thoughts on “Any Way You Want It

  1. Gayle, I haven’t read this one but I did read Love’s YOUNG BROTHERS SERIES and liked it. I think you would enjoy it too. Start with book #1 FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES

    • Dot, thanks for the tip but in this case I already beat you to it. I have read the Young Brothers series and absolutely loved them. You should try New Orleans Vampires series. Its similar to the Young Brothers series with the supernatural world and Kathy Love’s style.

      • Thanks! I’ll look for that series. I’m reading Vicky Dreiling’s series (HR) right now and will devote the week after next to it on the blog. Have you read it?

      • I have read the first two books and looking forward to her third one. They are fun with quick wit and characters who fit well into the historical romance. I think you’ll like her.

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