The Guilty Don’t Run

Why if you are innocent would you run? That is what Abby has been asking herself when she sees Hawk shoot their boss point blank. Hawk says he is innocent that it is Gaines who is behind all of this. Abby doesn’t know what to believe as Gaines was the one who saved her but soon a sick feeling in her gut tells her she might be wrong. Abby will have to learn to trust Hawk as he tries to prove his innocence and keep her safe.

Jill Shalvis creates a hit with Shadow Hawk. The book brings enough adventure, sabotage and steamy scenes to make your body melt. Shalvis creates another story alongside of Hawk and Abby which is Logan and Callan.

The villain you knew right away which was fine because you wanted to know how Hawk was going to prove his innocence.

Shadow Hawk was a book worth reading.


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