Vampires Are Forever

It seems to be I am getting caught up in the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands as I have now read the eighth book, Vampires Are Forever.

Inez Urso works for the Argeneau business and is now promoted to vice president. Inez likes her job but is annoyed when she has to wake up at 5 am to pick up Thomas Argeneau. But trouble doesn’t start until Inez takes on the task of helping him locate Marguerite. She will soon discover that Thomas’s allegery to the sun is the least of her worries.

Thomas Argeneau has one thing on his mind finding Marguerite. The added burden of Inez was not something Thomas was looking forward to even if he liked how she looked or liked her yelling in another language. Of course when Thomas finds out Inez is more special to him, his lifemate, he must keep her safe. It is hard to do when Inez keeps getting her memory wiped from an unknown immortal. Together they will try to find the immortal only to find more danger.

I liked that this book focused on finding Marguerite who seemed to be missing the entire time which is leading up to her story which is the next one in the series. Now of course the story is really focused on the two main characters Inez and Thomas. I liked how Sands created Inez to be afraid and apprehensive of Thomas when she found out the truth. It was humorous to read as she started to accept who immortals were.

Thomas I liked as a character as he wasn’t so moody as the rest of the family and he had a hidden talent, music. Of course he was moody about his music and what others would think of it.

Sands created this book to be a little more action in the fighting sense. There was more violence especially when it came to what happens to Inez. At the end of the book you are left with a cliffhanger which will hopefully be found out in the next book with Marguerite at the center of attention.

4 thoughts on “Vampires Are Forever

  1. Dot Salvagin says:

    I’m happy to see you are enjoying this series. I thought you would like it.

    • So far the series has kept my attention. Of course there are slow moments and repeating but I think Sands creates fun characters that holds my attention until the very end of the book.

      • Dot Salvagin says:

        I love this vampire family. The guys are really hot. I love their names; Bastian, Lucian, Lucern,Etienne–yummy! every one of them. Some books are better than others, the earlier ones are my favorites. I’m not as ga-ga over the Rogue Hunters.

      • True even though I started with the 10th book The Rogue Hunter I am definitely drawn towards the earlier characters as well. There is something about these strong immortal men that you can’t help but love. I think for me because it was all new and something different from any other series I read. Now moving on through the family which I have to say is wow its big! Sands keeps cranking out members of the family, but I am looking forward to Marguerite’s story which I found out is the next one I am to read. I don’t know why but she fascinates me and I want to know more about her and of course for her to find love, her lifemate.

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