Pride and Prejudice

After reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I had gotten in the mood of Austen. And this time it was going to be with out the zombies running wild. It has been a while since reading my favorite novel’s of her’s and thought now would be a good time to revisit.

Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters all trying to make a match for themselves with the help of their mother, a woman you would not want to get in the way. Then luck strikes as an eligible bachelor moves not far from them. At once Mrs. Bennett looks for Jane to be wed but all it not so easy as there will be man Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy who will prove to stand in the way, but it might not be for long. Darcy and Elizabeth will play a dance as their lives will keep bumping into each other causing them to confront feelings that started to bloom. Of course pride will get in the way, but with every love story there is hope.

There is something about curling up to a good book and Pride and Prejudice does it for me. The Bennett Family is one you want to be a part of when you go through the book. Darcy of course is the man you hope will see you finally and be the man for you.

I have read this book multiple times and never have gotten tied of it since first reading at my high school as a senior in English class. There is just something in Austen’s writing which appeals to me and I have to read more and I doubt that will ever change.

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