The Language of Flowers

A couple days ago I went to my very first book club. Now this was not something I ever really thought I would do as I don’t always like to speak up in groups but then again the topic would be about books. So I tried it out. The library in which I grew up going to hosted the book club where it will be around the town in different local restaurants where we can sit back and relax.

So ‘LIT’ as the book club is called I thought was a very good success. Lots of laughter, a good book and of course a glass of wine. The only thing missing was a couch but maybe the next location will accommodate.

Now the first book, The Language of Flowers, we read was from a new author Vanessa Diffenbaugh. From the first book I have high hopes of this new author and hope there will be many more books from her.

Victoria has been in the system and tossed around from one foster family to the next. Elizabeth is her last chance for a family but Victoria will discover that family doesn’t exist and she needs to only depend on herself.

At eighteen Victoria will be out of the system and on her own to finally find what she is looking for. She will find her passion, her way of living through flowers.

Diffenbaugh writes Victoria as a harden girl who was never given the chance to grow. Every time there was a chance it was taken away from her. I found that because of her past the first part of the book was hard to get through as I became frustrated with her character. You wanted her to open up and care but it was not something she really learned. Caring came to Victoria in the form of flowers.

I think the author did a beautiful job with the magic and the language that the flowers have and how they shaped the character. Victoria was able to spread the word of flowers with each customer that bought from her. She was able to help each of them.

There are several characters who all come into Victoria’s life who will have an impact on it and I have to say each one is dynamic and all a little damaged.

I waited in the book if there would be a love story. I almost thought there should not have been as it could cheese up the story. Diffenbaugh though does not ruin it with a love story. Grant who is the boy Victoria will find is damaged and content with his flowers. The flowers brought them together and gave them a chance but it is far from perfect.

There were moments I wanted to put down the book as our main character kept thinking she failed herself and those around her but I kept with it. The ending I wouldn’t say is a happy ending as that would not fit the mold of this book. The ending is uplifting as there is hope for the future.

I definitely recommend The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

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