Penelope & Prince Charming

Magic and Prince Charming seem to go hand and hand but Jennifer Ashley will write how magic is not everything and true love shows through all.

Penelope Trask was not going to get married especially if the man did not want her. She wanted a love match. She was not expecting that with her own Prince Charming. But alas she finds out that the love is a spell.

Damien known to many is the Prince of Nvengaria. His quest is to find his love. The one that is foretold for him to be with. This quest has led him to a small village. At first it was the mother but she was already spoken for so it now landed to the daughter which Damien was more than happy with. But there were many problems which would get into their way and if they are not there in Nvengaria he would loose everything.

Penelope & Prince Charming¬†is the first book of the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. I wasn’t sure how the story would be because it was supposedly another rogue going after a woman but in this case magic plays in the book which gives a good twist.

Jennifer Ashley’s characters are compelling to read and have more dynamics than they first appear to be. The mother, Lady Trask is full of surprises and leaves you enchanted with her character. I love Meagan’s boldness and her wit. But of course Penelope and Damien are the favorite. They antics as the spells come over them leaves them more pleasing to the reader.

Ashley gives an ending which the reader will be surprised and it is not the traditional one.

A fantastic first book to the series Nvengaria.

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