Some Enchanted Evening

Being rushed away and exiled from the one place you have ever known is not easy. The royal family is kicked out and all separated while some have died. Princess Clarice is the second daughter and is on her own with her younger sister Amy. They must find a way to survive and get back to their home. Clarice believes in her duty while Amy does not. Clarice though will find a problem when she encounters a man who will make it hard for her to leave.

Robert MacKenzie, the earl of Hepburn is weary of this new person who pretends to be a princess. But Robert will find a way for Clarice to be useful. Of course he did not expect to find more with Princess Clarice. He will use her for a scheme but will find himself helping her as well.

Some Enchanted Evening is just the first of three novels in the series Lost Princesses from Christina Dodd. The book was fun and energetic and left with a good cliff hanger making you want to read the next book.

Christina Dodd keeps the book going with action and clever characters who hold true through the book. I also loved how Dodd created Clarice who only knew her duty/honor but soon that fell away as she found something more which of course was love.

Robert was also fun to read about as he was headstrong but he cared about the ones that he loved which kept him interesting.

Some Enchanted Evening was a great first book to the series.

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