Burning Up

Susan Andersen’s writing is fun and character driven. I tried one book from her already and wanted another. This time I grabbed just a novel not part of a series. So picking up Burning Up I knew it would be fun to read I looked at the summary but surprisingly enough it was a book that just told a really great story.

Macy O’James ran away from the town that believed the worst of her. Most hated her or thought the worst of her except for Macy none of it was true but only a few believed her. But Macy is coming back. She is thriving as a dancer in MTV videos but her cousin needs her help and she will drop everything for family. Now that she is back there will be the problem of peoples memories and the new Fireman Chief.

Gabriel Donovan has been in this town for only a little to know much of the old and new gossip. He is thrown when he finds himself meeting the one person who most of the gossip was about. He will not know what to do with Macy except want to get her into bed but the more he spends time with her he doesn’t know what he had done with most of his life.

Andersen gives a story in Burning Up its not original (but what is original nowadays) but its fun. I did not want to put the book down. She gives the characters interest and make them realistic. I like how authors gives stories which seem to be real but at times over-dramatized. I guess I also like stories that involve the bullies and how the victims overcome and have some sort of justice. I loved Macy’s hard exterior and how she hides herself from the town which had all but abandoned her. I also love how Gabe sees beyond the person she is portraying and likes her for who she is.

Anderson gives some good twists which are funny and typical but at the end there is a happy ending with a twist. She also gives a little epilogue which is cute and sweet for the characters. A happy ending for all.

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