The Secret Desires of a Governess

Abby is not the governess everyone thought. Abby is under a disguise running away from her family and what she needs to do. She has no desire to wed and wants to do things her way but marriage is not looking so bad when she meets her employer.

Earl of Brendall, Elliott is in need of a governess for his son. Many governess’s have come and gone but none have stuck. Elliott knows what is wrong with his son as it is the same with him. He doesn’t want Abby to know but she keeps getting too close to the truth. Of course that will not be the only secret which is hidden inside.

The Secret Desires of a GovernessTiffany Clare surprised me with The Secret Desires of a Governess. There are many secrets inside the book. The main one which is obvious but there is another that is revealed discretely throughout the entire story which you didn’t see coming. The other thing I didn’t see coming was the amount of sex which was steamy and filled with passion almost in the ways of erotic text.

I loved the characters of Abby and how she found love in the person she least thought would be possible. Elliot’s brooding and flaws kept his character genuine.

So if you want a novel which will get your heart bumping with the thrilling scenes and intense characters pick up The Secret Desires of a Governess.


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