Join the Search of the Brides

After reading Heartless by Kat Martin I was hooked and wanted to read another book. I chose the first book, Royal’s Bride, from the Bride Trilogy. The series is all about three brothers who in one way or another will find a bride but that doesn’t mean love comes with it.

Royal Dewer made a promise to his dying father. His promise to marry the heiress and then he would be able to restore his families lands. Royal thinks he stumbles upon his fiancee but is stunned to find out that Lily is Jocelyn’s cousin.

Lily is penniless and is cousin to Jocelyn who will be marrying the duke. Lily knew it was hopeless to want what she could not have so she tried to have Royal leave her mind. But that did not work. As passion built Lily surrendered her body and heart. She wanted to help Royal and because of her past she will be able too but it means putting her heart on the line.

I really liked the first story with the brothers. Lily was independent and had a goal and she did not need some man to help her. I liked that her heart was involved wholly but would give it up.

Royal was a steady character that you fell in love with as he bids his fathers wishes to marry the girl he will never love. Even at the loss of his own heart.

The side characters were just as intriguing and dynamic as the main two leads. Jocelyn is spoiled and you come to hate her but in the end she turns to be decent. And Christopher is the rogue who you are not sure of until the end where Martin puts the pieces together perfectly.

As the reader you want to urge the two characters of Lily and Royal together and find that happy ending. Martin will not disappoint as the ending will leave the reader smiling.

Royal’s Bride is a fun first book of the series that is filled with adventure and love all the things needed to entice a reader.

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