My Wife’s Affair

Reading the back cover I was not sure of this book. It sounded interesting but from what I am used to reading it did not seem to be my style. But I wanted to try the book as I was going to hear the author have an interview. I had never gone to an interview with an author and I have to say it was fun. The interview she gave was about publishing which is always a need to know when trying to break into the business.

Before the interview I was able to find and read the book because I wanted to see the type of work she did and after reading I was surprised.

Georgie and Peter have been married for a while with three wonderful children. Moving to London was Peter’s idea and Georgie took that opportunity to try and find an acting role again. And she did for the role of Dora Jordan. Georgie becomes involved with the character and her marriage is threatened as events soon to spiral out of control leaving more than one character in pain.

The story invoked such a feeling of frustration through the entire book but in a way that was amazing because the book gave me such a response. The story was from the husbands point of view which was unexpected and unique I have to say.

I liked to read about the historical part which was intertwined I think Woodruff did a very good job combining the past and present.

Through the entire story I was dreading the end because I had a feeling I knew to a point what was coming. I have to say the wife I was not a fan of. She seemed too self but I like stories that have the happy ending. This book does not but it ended really well to keep the reader invested and to feel for the characters. From that one story I was very surprised at my reaction and I believe if an author can invoke any emotion (frustration, love, desire, passion, happiness, sadness) for the reader they have reached their goal.

I am interested in what Nancy Woodruff will have next coming. In her interview she is going towards nonfiction for her next book so we will have to see. She has one other book out called, Someone Else’s Child.

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