What Happens In London by Julia Quinn

Following up on first novel Olivia is now in the picture and staring beside Harry Valentine in What Happens in London by Julia Quinn.

Olivia is bored with gossips and has no mind for the ideal chatter but she has nothing else to do. That is until she comes across her neighbor who might have murdered his fiancée.  Olivia knows that would not happen but she is curious about him. Setting her sights on him she watches from her window.

Harry Valentine knows he is being watched and is annoyed. Eventually he finds out who this girl is and is fed up but intrigue and a mission lead him to staying close to Olivia. He does not know if she is a spy but there will be danger at her door with the prince knocking at her door.

I liked that Quinn gave another book with Olivia and I’m excited to read about Sebastian who has his own book out. Olivia in the first book was fun to read about as she was pushy. She still is and it plays to her advantage.

Quinn keeps the characters at arms length until the tension can be broken then romance is thrown into the mix. There was a good twist that was not seen with a couple characters which was great as it had you guessing.

What Happens In London was a great continuation of the Bevelstoke line.

There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde

Marrying your best friend sounds great. You have known each other forever and love each other but Delaney soon finds that Evan does not spark her. There is no chemistry between them and Delaney is too scared to call off the wedding.

With the advice of her friends she does something different only to get tangled with a cop who will get her fire going but it will take more to get her out of this mess.

With a kidnapper, a cop, a fiance, a magic veil, and a sisters ghost Delaney will find out what she needs to do and how she will get away from the alter before she makes a mistake.

Lori Wilde is an author I decided to try. Sometimes I go by book cover which is bad because you can’t judge a book by its cover but this one looked funny, so I did. There Goes the Bride is the first book of the series Wedding Veil Wishes. Lori Wilde for me is a fun writer. She brings in the characters through an outragous plot that will leave you smiling.

I liked the many stories that were happening. Each connected but you did not know how. The magic veil and her sister as a ghost in her dreams were a nice touch. It was something out of the ordinary that gave Delaney something more than the bride to be.

With a great set of characters Lori Wilde will have you keep reading from the very first page to the last in this humorous book, There Goes the Bride.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

From reading the title, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever I imagined some woman in society acting as a spy. I suppose a diary seemed like the right correspondence that would be needed for a young woman to dive into the ton’s acts.  Of course I was wrong as I read the back page summary.

Miss Miranda Cheever fell in love at the age of ten to Nigel otherwise known as Turner or Lord Turner who is her best friends older brother.

He ruined her for other men with his smile and kind words but love would not come easily to Turner as he now has been devastated by love but they will find each other and love will be there only when it is declared.

This story was a toss up, occasionally things started to turn bad for Miranda and her love Turner. I had a feeling a happy ending would come to be but there was the struggle which was like pulling teeth.

The characters were witty and darker than some but so was called for in the situation they were put into. Miranda and Turner were perfectly alike then turned opposite as each grew up. One got a hard hit with life’s reality.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda was the first book in the two book series. Olivia will now be having her turn.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

A girl who obeys all sounds interesting but to have to endure it is not an easy task Ella goes through. Given the gift of obedience since birth she obeys all orders but Ella fights it every step of the way. Her struggles will lead her to a prince, a finishing school and all the way to a ball.

First time reading this book I would have been in the seventh grade. I was given a choice and picked Ella Enchanted randomly. This book is one of my favorites and can be read over and over, and I have. I love Ella’s character as she struggles for her way out but never reaches it, of course not until the end.

Char is the prince, Hattie and Olive the stepsisters all create this story to be fun and entertaining in a very sweet way. I love how the ogres and giants all have their own language. And how the fairies are real with magic pulsing in their bodies.

There is love but it is innocent love and rather refreshing for a young adult book. Gail Carson Levine creates the fantasy in this fairy tale adapted from Cinderella. The movie that is based on it is true to the book and fun to watch.

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine is a unique fairy tale that will make you believe in miracles.

On The Way To The Wedding by Julia Quinn

The last book, On The Way To The Wedding, kept me turning the pages. Julia Quinn keeps the story smart and funny but with a hint of seriousness and true love.

Gregory Bridgerton is the last to get married. He wouldn’t until he finds the one. He knows that he will know her immediately and that woman is Hermione Watson. But true love was going to be difficult. Hermione had her sites on another and then another.

Lucy is practically engaged to a man she hardly knows. She is content but that all changes when she encounters Gregory. It is not love, like, she thinks his lesser of the two evils for Hermione but her heart changes, and so does Gregory.

Gregory and Lucy will find love but there are many obstacles that must be overcome before the lovers can find a way to have a happy ending.

The last book of the Bridgerton series was fantastic. It was a rollar coaster and you were not sure where the characters would go. I liked how Quinn starts off with the wedding leaving you too wonder what she will say.

I thought I had guessed but everything changed as characters motives were revealed. And Quinn did a fantastic job at the end, very funny and touching.

The last book gave a great ending to the eight book series.

It’s In His Kiss by Julia Quinn

She was the most outspoken of the lot of them. She had no mind not to hold her tongue. She knew she should to find a husband but she did not want one who would not be a challenge. Hyacinth would not settle for anything else.

He loved his grandmother, hated his father and loathed the musical concert hall but here he was. It was a good thing he found her to be entertained. She was fiery and talkative. Most of the ton knew her but no man had her. Gareth wondered what had come over him but he found himself in cohots with Hyacinth and he wanted to know more.

With the secret diary, his real fathers name in question and an overwhelming feeling of desire for Hyacinth, Gareth had his hands full.

The seventh book was a blast to read. The youngest was an original from the rest of her siblings and she was not afraid to go out in public and declare it.

I like Gareth’s character as he is certainly a rake but an unsure one. He has feelings and wants more in life. A woman, Hyacinth brings him to that point.

The diary and quest to find the bracelet was fun to read. It was clever that the hunt was for nothing until much later on in life. And I liked the mystery with his father. After you find out you wonder why you did not think about it before. Quinn keeps you in the book with her witty characters and entertaining plot.

It’s In His Kiss is the seventh installation by Julia Quinn and only one more left for the Bridgerton series. Gregory is the last to the alter but with who?

To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn

It started with a condolence, then into friendly conversation soon they started to talk to each other through their written words. The next thing Eloise saw she did not expect, a marriage proposal in a letter. It seemed scandalous but she decided why not.

Phillip did not know what possessed him but he asked for her hand in a letter. He had no way of knowing if she would except until she was at his door. Phillip was blown away by her beauty and her ability to keep talking.

Together they got to know each other with the help of two children who saw nothing more entertaining than creating havoc on Eloise. Soon they would learn to behave and Phillip would learn love.

The fifth book was a delight to read. Eloise as a spinster did not work but as a wife she knew her part. I liked that as a chatter box she kept everyone on their toes, her family and especially her husband now.

The children were a fun twist that had to be dealt with. Their mischievous attitude was fun to read and made you care for them.

I love that the brothers/family are still part of the stories. It was funny to read about them charging into Phillip’s home in order to protect their sister.

Julia Quinn continues down the line of children with great wit. I love how all the characters are so much alike but completely different. To Sir Phillip, With Love as a wonderful story to read.