An Indecent Proposition by Emma Wildes

From the title and back of the book summary I was sure of what this book would be about but Emma Wildes created this plot to be misleading in the most delightful way. An Indecent Proposition will leave you breathless as you read.

Lady Caroline Wynn is dubbed the ice maiden as she is chilly to many suitors. As a widow she has no need to enter a marriage as the first one was not something she wanted to be repeated. But the idea to discover more is what Caroline wanted and she was going to get her wish as the wager created by the Earl of Manderville and the Duke of Rothay was all over London. A wager to see who was the better lover.

The wager of these two friends was not a serious wager but the game went on as the mysterious woman sent them a note. Caroline would find out what she was missing.

At first I thought this would be an erotic romance, a woman setting out to have sex with two different men but that was not the case. Instead the book held a deep concept of love and betrayl which spoke volumes through the pages.

The characters were perfectly characterized all with their own problems and they were interwoven perfectly through the story. I liked how Emma Wildes separated the parts in the chapters to give each main character a chance to reflect and have their moment.

An Indecent Proposition was a unique story which will leave you wanting more.

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