You Only Love Twice by Lori Wilde

At first You Only Love Twice seemed like it was just going to be a story that is not well rounded but once you turn a few pages you are put through a story that had been already in play.

Marlie Montague’s life is pretty dull but not when she is writing about her adventures character Angelina who will kick your butt. She will need to channel her as the tables turn and Marlie’s life is about to be turned upside down.

Joel Hunter is not loving life. He is out of the Navy Seals and this babysitting job is annoying. He knew this woman as a girl but did not know why she was so important only that they were enemies along time ago.

Joel and Marlie will have to join forces to find out who is after them and why. All the conspiracies will have to be looked at.

It can be a little frustrating as Lori Wilde writes because it seemed that the story already had started and you were behind. But you continue on with it and you are pulled into the lives of these characters.

There are twist and turns which will leave you guessing and wanting to know more about who is the bad guy.

I like that there are multiple stories going on and you don’t know what really happened on that one mission which is what is and caused a lot of problems. And the fact that the main character was a comic book writer was pretty funny. She is not your typical heroine but she will mold herself to be.

You Only Love Twice held a punch with humor and lots of nonstop action.

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