The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

From reading the title, The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever I imagined some woman in society acting as a spy. I suppose a diary seemed like the right correspondence that would be needed for a young woman to dive into the ton’s acts.  Of course I was wrong as I read the back page summary.

Miss Miranda Cheever fell in love at the age of ten to Nigel otherwise known as Turner or Lord Turner who is her best friends older brother.

He ruined her for other men with his smile and kind words but love would not come easily to Turner as he now has been devastated by love but they will find each other and love will be there only when it is declared.

This story was a toss up, occasionally things started to turn bad for Miranda and her love Turner. I had a feeling a happy ending would come to be but there was the struggle which was like pulling teeth.

The characters were witty and darker than some but so was called for in the situation they were put into. Miranda and Turner were perfectly alike then turned opposite as each grew up. One got a hard hit with life’s reality.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda was the first book in the two book series. Olivia will now be having her turn.

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