It’s In His Kiss by Julia Quinn

She was the most outspoken of the lot of them. She had no mind not to hold her tongue. She knew she should to find a husband but she did not want one who would not be a challenge. Hyacinth would not settle for anything else.

He loved his grandmother, hated his father and loathed the musical concert hall but here he was. It was a good thing he found her to be entertained. She was fiery and talkative. Most of the ton knew her but no man had her. Gareth wondered what had come over him but he found himself in cohots with Hyacinth and he wanted to know more.

With the secret diary, his real fathers name in question and an overwhelming feeling of desire for Hyacinth, Gareth had his hands full.

The seventh book was a blast to read. The youngest was an original from the rest of her siblings and she was not afraid to go out in public and declare it.

I like Gareth’s character as he is certainly a rake but an unsure one. He has feelings and wants more in life. A woman, Hyacinth brings him to that point.

The diary and quest to find the bracelet was fun to read. It was clever that the hunt was for nothing until much later on in life. And I liked the mystery with his father. After you find out you wonder why you did not think about it before. Quinn keeps you in the book with her witty characters and entertaining plot.

It’s In His Kiss is the seventh installation by Julia Quinn and only one more left for the Bridgerton series. Gregory is the last to the alter but with who?

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