Times Change by Nora Roberts

The second and final book in the series Time and Again was Times Change by Nora Roberts and the sequel was a hit for me. I loved it was Jacob’s turn to come to the¬†twentieth¬†century.

Jacob Hornblower is the younger brother of Caleb and he is on a mission to bring his brother home. He gets to the twentieth century and is automatically tossed over a girls shoulder literally. Jacob fights back immediately for any feelings that he has right off with Sunny who happens to be Libby’s younger sister. Jacob must find his brother and try to find the will to leave Sunny behind.

The sequel was a delight to read. I loved that Jacob who is the stubborn brother finds frustration and love in the arms of Sunny and she the same.

The characters of Jacob and Sunny were witty, fun and stubborn. They were enjoyable to read about. The fact that there were problems to begin with I didn’t know how it was going to end. I was leaning towards one way but wasn’t sure. But in the end the ending was a well rounded romance tale that was worth reading and the epilogue was worth reading.

Each book was a blast to read and a worthwhile series to devour over.