Megan’s Mate by Nora Roberts

The fifth and final book, Megan’s Mate, of the Calhoun Women was an amazing finish. Megan a sister in law will come to know the family in the final chapter of The Calhoun Women.

Megan O’Riley is the sister of Sloan who married Amanda Calhoun. Megan had a hard life getting pregnant at seventeen by Baxter who was Suzanna’s husband. She comes to makes friends with Suzanna and moves to the Towers with her son Kevin to become their bookkeeper but things will not be smooth sailing. Megan will find trouble in the form of Nate who is willing to uncover her passion she has buried.

The characters were all back and witty as ever. There was never a dull moment in the story as the characters discussed and the plot unraveled.

Nate and Megan were hard to resist especially when Kevin was pulled into the mix. There was love and romance that you yearned them to reach for.

The last book of the series was a perfect finish. I personally thought it was over when the emeralds were discovered but was surprised there was more to find for the Calhoun women.

The Calhoun Women series by Nora Roberts was a worthwhile series to read for any romance lover.

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