Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts

The fourth and final book of the series Chesapeake Bay by Nora Roberts Chesapeake Blue and was a perfect finish.

Seth had a tough life as a boy but it is something his brothers can understand. Now he is older and an accomplished artist wants to come home to be with his family. Struck by his family he remembers how much he is loved even with his past still haunting him. With his past still at his heels Seth will also find a woman he would love to know, paint and bed, and Seth will find a way to do all.

Chesapeake Blue was fantastic to read. The series really was all about Seth from the very start and it was perfect to finish with him settling everything for good that had gone bad in his life.

I love how Roberts created Seth’s character and how the ghost are now finally settling down. The ghost throughout the series was a nice touch to give a little supernatural spin.

The other main character Dru was absolutly perfect. I loved reading about her and Roberts created a very detailed traits about her. It was fun to see how the two would mesh together.

The end had a scene that was about to be a cliche moment but Roberts turned it around. She ended the series with happy couples and families having each other all was right in the world.

The series was just very entertaining to read with many witty characters and a realistic and thrilling plot.

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