Storm Winds by Iris Johansen

300 years later the Wind Dancer residing in France is sought after once more but by the family that wishes to get it back.

Storm Winds:

Storm WindsJean Marc Andreas wanted what was his by right.  He wanted the Wind Dancer which belonged to his family but the French held the statue.  Juliette was a young lady no one seemed to want around in the court of the French royalty until the Wind Dancer which brings them together.

Juliette and Jean face many hardships with the friends of Catherine, Philippe and Francois.

I was blown away by this heart pounding thriller.  The second book of the series The Wind Dancer was entertaining and amazing to read.  For me the second one held more of a depth to the characters.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time that I was reading the book.

The Wind Dancer once again brings trouble to those who are trying to find the Wind Dancer.

The main characters, Jean and Juliette are fantastic together.  Jean is strong and wants the statue more than anything but as always he finds what he truly needs with Juliette.  He holds everything inside of him and shields any pain away.

Juliette’s character is fun to see go.  The entire book was intriguing because you got to see how the characters progressed and became who they were.  Juliette is strong but not as all she appears to be, which gives her character a depth which will bring her further into the book.  Gives chance to have her break and become stronger.

The playboy is Philippe and he annoyed me in the book.  He is kind but not very bright when it comes to protecting those around him.  Why do that when he can enjoy a woman.  Catherine has the crush on him and he fails to protect her when he should have.  It made me sick to think how selfish he truly was.

Francois also goes by William his real name.  He is a man that has a secret identity and is trying to save the queen and the royal family.  He encounters the Jean, Juliette, and Catherine.  He is a mystery man and will be very invested with Catherine who he feels guilty but soon enough also love.  He does not set out to hurt anyone but is doing the best he can for the common good.

Catherine is an amazing character.  She goes through the tragedy which Juliette endures as well but not to the same degree.  She endures a rape by two men and suffers greatly.  I was mortified when I read that scene.  Johansen makes you feel for Catherine and Juliette but more for Catherine.  It was a very good job describing the feelings of Catherine.  Francois helps her like no one can.  She is an inspiring woman as she goes back to her home which was created by Lorenzo.  I like that he was brought back into the book as he gave over the garden to the Andreas family as long as they named her Catherine.  The garden is a strong place that heals and Catherine soon discovers what is truly in her.  I love her character.

Johansen gives a strong description of characters and the plot.  The book progressed nicely along the pages and was thrilling to read.

Storm Winds is truly a fantastic tale of tragedy, adventure, heart pounding, a love triangle and finding true love.  There is still hope and new life with every tragedy.

I recommed this series.


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