The Killing Dance by Laurell Hamilton

Anita Blake is back in The Killing Dance in the sixth book running for her life.  A contract has been placed on her life.  Edward is protecting her instead of killing her all the while Anita is battling the fight between Jean Claude and Richard.

I have to say as I re-read the book I remembered something about a contract on Anita but I couldn’t remember.  Re-reading it allowed me to revisit the story and I was blown away.  Hamilton is working hard on the plot with how the threats to Anita are going full force.  I liked that from the very beginning Anita is battling off the attacks.

With the books I have increasingly loved the character Edward.  He is one of my favorite characters because he is a bad ass that doesn’t care.  At the end of the book there was a line that got you wondering about him.  Of course I know where that is going to lead.  I am excited to read about his life as Hamilton continues to write.

Through the book you are learning more about the wolf pack and I find that it is interesting to see that Anita is part of the pack even though she is not one.  But the one thing I hate is how Richard is again that annoying way of him.  He is somber about killing and always getting upset.  This leads Anita to be drawn more towards Jean Claude.

Personally with the relationship I like Anita with Jean Claude more but as the series goes she changes with all the men that come into her life.

With the relationship of Richard, Jean Claude and Anita I found the change between them interesting because it is so powerful.  I like the change because it gives everyone power.  They are all stronger with each other.  And now the moment that has been stretched for a while is over.  Anita finally does the deed with Jean Claude and Hamilton can write the sex scenes.  But this one was not as graphic as her most recent ones are.  I liked it because it was yes hot but tamed in a way.  But now the relationship changes and that starts the motion.

Hamilton gives a write a great book with The Killing Dance.  Since I know what has happened through the most recent books of Hamilton I can actually say that The Killing Dance is still very tamed with sexuality but the action has not slowed down which is great to read.

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