Potter vs. Twilight

In a battle between Harry Potter and Edward Cullen who would win? Vampire verse Magic. It can be a tough question but my thought is with all the spells Potter would blast Cullen back into nothing.

As strange of a question it is there is a value to this question. So many have read these books and many have become obessed with these types of stories (me being one of them). They are what is popular. Right now the craze in today’s media is Vampires. That is the keyword which is everywhere; movies, tv, books and toys. But magic lays at the base of this media craze as well in the world of supernatural. One case is with the new series of Percy Jackson which just came out with a movie, Percy Jackson & The Olympian: The Lightning Theif. The series is interesting with gods and half bloods, the children of the gods. The books are like Harry Potter in a way with a prophecy and the three friends but it is something fun to read. Again the media is staying in the world of supernatural.

The thought of this question came from when I was watching tv and saw two commericals. One for the new amusement park of Harry Potter (side note looks like it could be very entertaining for those avid fans of Harry Potter) and one for Twilight or really the New Moon release of the movie to DVD. These two commericals got me thinking if I were to choose between these two who would it really be? Didn’t take a second for me to decide, it would no doubt be Harry Potter hands down. Now why? Why is Harry Potter for me so amazing…?

Well, I have long since loved the world of magic way before vampires came into my world. The Supernatural has been a very cool fantasy to live in through reading and viewing shows. For years for Halloween the costume of choice for me has always been witches. Their magical abilities for me has always been appealing. I guess the idea of living in a world where you could peform magic would be thrilling, exciting and amazing. Then there is too be a Vampire, live forever and drink blood…I am not sure that is something which would be so thrilling.

Now I picked up the first Potter book in my junior year of high school. I wasn’t interested in the book when it came out during sixth grade but years later I decided to give them a try, and since then it has not stopped. I even was one of many waiting at the bookstore for the final book.  I am an advid reader of the Harry Potter series and have continued to read these books over and over along with watching the movies. This series, Harry Potter, has and will be one of my favorite for most likely the rest of my life.

Now Twilight. A couple of years ago I got introduced to Twilight and thought it was something interesting to read, then I found out it was a nationwide interest with teenage girls. So I read all of the books and I ended up liking them, but now it seems too much. Actually from the sound of my little speech it makes it sound like Twilight is just not as superior to Harry Potter and that is not quite true but it is. Now don’t get me wrong I like the Twilight sage and have read the books and seen the first two movies, will see the next two mostly out of curisoity. I like the books and the movies are okay. To be honest the acting of some of the characters are not so great. It got better in the second movie but still there needs to be a lot of work. I hope the third movie is better than the first two.

But now if we compare the two, Harry Potter and Twilight, then Harry Potter would win out. Through the novels I love how there is the amount of details and in the movies it is there but a little is cut out. You can’t have everything but through the movies there is enough to satisfy the reader. Harry Potter shows more amazing work in their movies and by far the acting skills is unbelievable. I loved to see how they started out to how they are now. Still just as good and getting better, never bad acting. Twilight made me cringe a little.  Still love the story line and the actors but they need to shape it up. Of course that could be due to directing or the situation but still it seems at times a little too forced or fake.

So overall for me Harry Potter wins out with books and movies. Magic themed books and movies has more variety and interest than vampires who are still playing to a certain mold with a few little twists. Of course this is all my opinion. Many friends of mine love the Twilight and think it far superior because vampires are a lot more interesting to them than magic.

Are you a Potter fan or Twilight? Perhaps both?

I think for me the world of magic is amazing.

So now that I have talked and talked about the world of magic and vampires it kind of makes me want to read Harry Potter once again. I looked to my bookcase and saw all seven of the books aligned. I decided it was time to take out the first book again and be aborsbed into the world of magic.

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