The Listening Eye by Patricia Wentworth

“Miss Silver paid close attention to the strange tale of sensible, middle-aged Miss Paulina Paine. Though totally deaf, Miss Paine could lip-read so well that strangers never suspected her handicap-or guessed she could eavesdrop with uncanny accuracy. She had been, she told Miss Silver, on the far side of a spacious art gallery, but her “listening eye” was not mistaken; she distinctly “heard” two men planning both a theft and a murder.

Miss Paine hadn’t a clue as to the victim. But before the week was up, her account of the two conspirators would lead Miss Silver to Merefields, a famous English country estate where a diamond necklace was missing, a young man had died, and-unless Miss Silver could stop him-a killer was about to strike again.”

Mystery is not a genre that I am always fond of reading since I have read some that were not that inventive or interesting. This book The Listening Eye was given to me to read. They said it would be something fun. At first I wasn’t sure it would be fun at all. It was a different style of writing and I was confused. Also I was hesitant because this book was written in the 1950’s, but once I got into the book it was better.

There was some fun in the character of Miss Silver. She is the detective, an elderly woman who knits. She is quirky, fun and witty, so for me she makes the book interesting. After I finished I am still not sold on all mystery but I will try again.

The Listening Eye was an interesting mystery novel filled with strange characters and an intriguing Miss Silver.

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