MacGregors: Daniel

Getting to know the children you find out that the parents were very much in love but now you get to know how Daniel was able to get Anna to be his wife, and it was not an easy task.  Nora Roberts brings us Daniel and Anna’s story in For Now, Forever.

The Plot of For Now, Forever:

Daniel MacGregor has and always will be a charismatic man who had nothing and built everything he needed.  Anything he wanted he found a way to get.  As Daniel was now getting to his thirties and was very wealthy he found that he needed a wife.  A smart woman to have a conversation, pretty and confident.  Someone that would challenge him.  Daniel found that in the woman Anna Whitfield.

Anna Whitfield was a student finishing up her college to get her degree and go into medicine to become a doctor.  She wanted nothing more than this.  When Daniel MacGregor found Anna she knew that she was in trouble.  He was a strong, tall man that she knew would get what he wanted.  He professed that he already wanted her and that scared her.  She knew that she would want him, come to love him but she couldn’t.  Her career had to still be number one but she wanted him as well.

Daniel pursued Anna and finally she gave into him but not to all his demands.  He told her over and over that she would marry him and be his wife, but he didn’t accept her career.  That infuriated her and kept her from going further.

It will take some strong advice from others that will bring the two together but ultimately Daniel and Anna make their decision to have everything.

The fifth book of the MacGregors was fantastic to read.  I loved to see that Daniel was still as bold and stubborn in his youth as he is later on in his life.  The prologue was intriguing as Daniel was in a crash which promoted the memories of Daniel and Anna’s first encounter.  I longed to see them finally together even though you know they would have a happy ending, but it was nice to read about it.  By far one of the best books of the series, The MacGregors.

MacGregors: Grant Campbell

Nora Roberts brings the MacGregors back to the page in One Man’s Art, but with the extended family of the Campbells.

The Plot of One Man’s Art:

Grant Campbell is loved by his sister and returns her love but he hides.  He is a very isolated person and likes it that way.  No one knows what his work is.  Grant is an artist and designs his own comic strip but remains unknown.  Crowds are not something he loves or uninvited guests but he might just give an exception towards this particular one.  A woman, Genevieve “Gennie” Grandeau, who was very much weather beaten from the downpour of rain.  Being rude to her was the only way to stop him from taking her in his arms.  But he knew better to think about that.  His best solution was to get rid of those thoughts for Genevieve.

Genevieve Grandeau is a flamboyant artist and is well known but now she needs a break, not from art but from life.  Seven months ago she had a tragedy that left her without her sister and blames herself still.  Going away is a way to find herself and let her work without distraction, so when she winds up with a stalled car and a grumpy host Genevieve was not thrilled.  Of course when she gets to know him, Genevieve wants to know more.

The two of them start a rough relationship but Genevieve wants it to work, but is torn.  Grant is not very open about his feelings and both are two stubborn except when one finally gets the courage to truly commit.

The fourth book of the series MacGregors was funny and enjoyable to read.  I think I liked the first three a little better due to the fact they are the real MacGregors but this was very entertaining to read.  Something a little different and the MacGregors were still a part of the story.  The next book of the series is going back in time when Daniel MacGregor will find Anne and make her his wife.

The MacGregors: Alan

After reading the first two books about the brother and sister I had to find out about the first brother, who he would end up with and how.  The third book from MacGregors by Nora Roberts is All The Possibilities.

The Plot of All The Possibilities

Alan is the oldest son of the MacGregors his younger brother is Caine and sister is Rena.  He is doing very well for himself as a Senator and in most peoples minds a politician going up in the ranks for presidency.  This was the ultimate goal for Alan himself but now there was something else.  At a fundraiser he spots her standing there with wild hair and nothing like he have seen before.  Being intrigued right from the moment Alan wanted to get to know her right away and he decided to go over to her.

Shelby Campbell was cool, creative and full of energy.  She immediately liked Alan even though he was a Senator which was the problem.  She didn’t want to get attach to another politician but the problem was before she knew it she was.  Shelby found that Alan didn’t say now as he was very persistent to get her on a date.  He would also give her ususally presents which were not traditional.  Shelby knew she was falling and decided to enjoy the ride as far as she could go.

As their relationship progressed Shelby was introduced to Daniel who had a bias to her from the beginning but that is because of family history with Campbells and MacGregors.  But Shelby won Daniel over with her quick wit.  Alan loved Shelby and wondered how he would find a way to get her to commit.  Would he have to give it all up for her?

All The Possibilities was intriguing and very enjoyable to read.  I have loved to read about the kids and how they were able to find love.  Next will by the isolated Grant Campbell’s turn.

The MacGregors: Caine

The second book of the series MacGregors, Tempting Fate, by Nora Roberts.  As the first book showed this series was going to be very entertaining and after reading the second book I knew this would be true.

The Plot of Tempting Fate:

Diane has been well-educated and given everything she needed since she was a little girl of six.  Or at least that is what she was told to believe for twenty years.  Twenty years that were nothing but a lie.  For those years Diane believed her Aunt provided for everything but in reality it was her brother, the brother she thought had abandoned her.  Discovering this fact she was at a lost, she didn’t know who she was anymore.  In a search Diane was going to find out with a little help from the MacGregors whether she wanted it or not.

Caine MacGregor is an amazing lawyer, now in his own practice and he likes to win.  He ends up meeting Diane Blade and is thrown into a stupor.  He knows he wants her and will have her. He sees Diane and knew she is troubled.  Not sure of herself anymore but he will help.  When Diane quits the firm, Caine gets her to rent a room in his office building bringing them closer.

It will be up to Caine to find the woman in Diane that needs to come out.

I loved this book with Caine’s persistance and Diane drive to find herself.  These two characters are fantastic together and I love how the family weaves themselves into the lives.  I love Daniel MacGregor who tells his children to hurry up and give them grandchildren.

5th Horseman by James Patterson

I was instantly intrigued by the title of James Patterson’s book, 5th Horseman.  I wanted to know what this other horseman would be like since the four brings the apocalypse.

The Plot:

“A young mother is recuperating in a San Francisco hospital when she is suddenly gasping for breath.  Help doesn’t come in time.  The hospital doctors, some of the best in the nation, are completely mystified by her death.  This is not the first such case at the hospital.  Just as patients are about to be released with a clean bill of health, their conditions take a devastating turn for the worse.

Accompanied by the newest member of the Women’s Murder Club, Yuki Castellano, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer probes deeper into the deaths.  Is a manic playing God?  When someone close to her begins to exhibit the same frightening symptoms, Lindsay fears no one is safe.  But the hospital is determined to shield its reputation at all costs.  And while the hospital wages a court battle that grips the entire nation, Lindsay and the Women’s Murder Club must hunt a merciless killer.”

Again another heart-stopping suspense, mystery book by James Patterson.  I was drawn into the plot.  This book seemed a little different from the others that have been written.  I liked the idea of a killer in the hospital.  It was a new twist that was not done before for the murder club.

The end again was something I wasn’t sure on. One of the guys that was the actual doctor was scum and you hoped that he was the bad guy and hoped that he would go to jail for a very long time.  But everything was not as it appeared to be in true mystery/suspense novels.  James Patterson leaves you on the seat as Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club searches for the murderer.

The MacGregors: Serena

I found this book and looked at the back thinking this could be fun to read.  There are a quite a few books in the series but I thought to give it a try.  This is the first book in the series MacGregors.  As I finished the book I was enthralled with it needed to know more about the family.  Playing The Odds by Nora Roberts is fantastic.

The Plot of Playing The Odds:

Serena “Rena” MacGregor had everything going for her didn’t have to ever lift a finger but that is not Serena.  She is a genius and does what she wants, she even has several degrees but now she is becoming restless.  She decides to go on a cruise but to be an employee.  Now that a year had passed Serena is getting restless to move on but she gets hit on by a guest who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Justin Blade is an owner of multiple casinos which are all around the world.  But right now he is on vacation.  But when he sets his eyes on Serena he is hit hard.  He wants her, wants her in everyway possible and has no trouble showing her.

Things of course get interesting when Justin finds she is a MacGregor.  He has known Daniel MacGregor, her father, for ten years Justin knows that this was Daniels scheme for him and Serena.  Daniel wanted an attachment formed and Justin wouldn’t disappoint.

Justin offered her a job at the casino and Serena accepted but she wanted half partnership.  Justin gave into her but trouble from the past will find him and Serena will get caught up in the cross fire.  But through chaos something will be found for these two.

I really like this story as the first one of the series.  It set the mood with the very strange but loving MacGregors.  The family is fun, loving, determined and stubborn.  They have a certain independence.  The next book is with Caine the youngest son.

4th of July by James Patterson

The fourth book, 4th of July,  in the series of The Women’s Murder Club is another stellar book.  James Patterson brings back the now three women to the pages in this dynamic storyline where Lindsay is on the line.

“In a late-night showdown after a near-fatal car chase, San Francisco police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer has to make an instantaneous decision: in self-defense, she fires her weapon, and sets off a chain of events that leaves a police force disgraced, an etire city divided, and a family destroyed.  Now everything she worked for her entire life for hinges on the decision of twelve jurors.

To escape scrutiny during breaks from her trial, Lindsay retreats to the picturesque town of Half Moon Bay.  But soon after her arrival, a string of grisly murders punches through the peaceful community.  There are no witnesses and there is no discernible pattern.  But a key detail recalls a case Lindsay worked on as a rookie years before, an unsolved murder that has haunted her ever since.  As summer comes into full swing, Lindsay and her friends in the Women’s Murder Club battle for her life on two fronts: before judge and jury as her trial comes to a climax, and facing unknown adversaries who will do anything to keep her from the truth about the killings-including killing again.”

This book, 4th of July, was amazing to read.  It was a nice change from other plots because this one was primarily in the court room around this one crime that Lindsay was involved in.  Of course there is another crime that is happening which Lindsay will involve herself in, even though she was not supposed to.

Reading the book I have to say James Patterson doesn’t give too many clues that you can pick up on for who the murderer is, which is great!  I love a mystery and how the characters appear one way then another.  But during this book I did end up suspecting one person which was part of the crime.  They were unlikely but I have learned to suspect the ones you don’t think.  But in his books you get caught up in them that you don’t really think about it, just read.

As the suspect comes forward you still didn’t know the true reasons for what was happening until that person told you in the book.

This book was dynamic with the characters.  Showed a new side of Lindsay with her being guilty and vulnerable.  And there is a new friend that is made for the women in the book.