MacGregors: The MacGregor Brides

Nora Roberts brings the MacGregors back with the eighth book, The MacGregor Brides, but as all Daniel and Anna’s children are married it is time for the grandchildren and Daniel has set his sites on his granddaughters.  The next to be married are Laura, Gwen and Julia.

The Plot of The MacGregor Brides:

Laura MacGregor is the first one, the daughter of Caine and Diane. A lawyer just like her parents and strives to make a name for herself.  She is also the oldest of the granddaughters and the one that needs to marry first according to Daniel.  His object is to set her up with Royce Cameron who does secruity.    He puts the two together and they get steamy but it sizzles as they soon find that it was not all destiny.  But all it not lost for those who find true love.

Gwen is the next granddaughter and next one for Daniel’s matchmaker.  She is daughter of Serena and Justin and becoming a doctor.  She works hard at her job maybe too hard and it gets harder when Daniel begins matchmaking again with Branson.  Branson is a writer and doing research but is it all research.  Will Gwen find what she is looking for only to throw it away?  Again true love will find its place.

Julia the last of the marriage age of granddaughters.  She is the firerest of them all and is not shy.  She is the daughter of former President Alan MacGregor and Shelby MacGregor.  She has been in the lime light and is good at it.  She also has the head for business which she uses fliping houses for a profit.  Daniel had his problems with this one but he had the right man for the job, Cullum.  He was a man who had the same firery temperment.  They find an attraction that is very hot to handle but when things sizzle and become serious who will crack and tell the truth.

These three parts were priceless.  I loved how Daniel MacGregor continues to play matchmaker and has a few pages of memoirs.  The three girls were fantastic and it was fun to see how the families have grown.  Now it is up to the rest of the grandchildren to finish the tales.

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