Impulse by Nora Roberts

Glancing at the books I found the book Impulse by Nora Roberts and on a whim I took the book.  It is a very short book which is something that seemed perfect for right now.

The plot:

“For once in her life, Rebecca Malone decided to follow her impulses, jettison the familiar and head to Greece to find adventure!  So when a sexy stranger began to romance her, she couldn’t resist playing the sophisticated, well-traveled woman.  However, falling in love with Stephen Nickodemus was not part of the plan!  How on earth could she explain to the man she’d given her heart to that she wasn’t the woman he’d believed her to be?  And then convince him that she was still the woman he loved…”

Since the book was only about hundred pages I zipped right through.  Impulse was a quick pace romance with a little adventure mixed in for the character, Rebecca Malone.  It was a very heartwarming story.  I loved how she found what was missing in her life and went to find something.  That something was of course love and finding herself.  The story makes you believe love does conqueror if you try and find it.

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