Bride by Command by Linda Winstead Jones

Reading the back of the book I knew that I didn’t want to wait to read the first two books.  The first two talk about the Emperor Jahn and his potential brides but in the first two, two of his potential brides are getting married to the men they truly love.  Of course after reading the book which was so entertaining I was interested in what happened in the previous books.

Lady Morgana Ramsdam is an ordinary pampered young lady of 25 years of age who has been privileged all her life but refuses to marry until love is found.  But that is not the true reasoning behind Morgana’s method for she holds a secret that kills.  Morgana has the ability to kill with the touch of her hand when angered.  She proves this as a young man comes after her and tries to rape her.  Morgana places her hand on him and within seconds he becomes dust.  Morgana knew at that moment she must never be married.  But life is not that easy for Morgana for her stepfather will make the decision to marry her off to a sentinel that came to bear the news of the Emperor.  Since Morgana refuses the Emperor the sentinel, who is really the Emperor decides to marry her in this disguise.

Jahn is only having a little fun but he knew he would not consummate this marriage without telling her the truth.  He was intrigued by Morgana’s refusal and wanted to play a trick on her but the trick will be on him in the end.  Morgana now nicknamed “Ana” by Jahn will agree to becoming his wife after she understands the way that he makes her feel.  Jahn makes Ana feel safe and she feels that her curse is leaving because of his warmth.

As they live together Ana is still in the illusion that Jahn is just a sentinel as they move into a room of the palace.  Jahn is determined to tell Ana the truth but every time it is not the right time.  He feels guilty every time but he doesn’t want to lose her, Jahn loves her and Ana loves him.

Living in the palace is better than Ana could have ever thought but she wants a place just for them, but she is very happy here with her husband until she finds the truth out.  Ana is hurt by his lie and tells him that she never wants to see him again.  And Ana finally shows secret, her true side.  Jahn sees the destruction with his own eyes but he does not scare easily.  He wants to help Ana.  He wants her to control her powers and he gets Rainer to help who is the minister of magic.

Now confused, angry with herself and pregnant Ana is locked in her room.  She wants to leave since Jahn hurt her terribly but things start to change when Ana meets her real father Kristo, who is a monster.  Ana doesn’t want him around or his revenge but she must go along with it to save Jahn and her child.

This was an amazing romance book to read.  There is action, love, and magic all the elements that make a book compelling to read.  The magical element of the book is fascinating to read about.  It was something different from what I have read before, done in a different style.  I was drawn into the book as soon as I read the first page.

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