Gabe by Lori Foster

Going right on to the third brother in Buckhorn, Gabe.  This brother is known by the ladies.  Most of them flock to him regardless if he looked or smiled.  Gabe didn’t want to be like his brothers with getting stuck with a wife and when he met Elizabeth Parks he knew nothing would happen with her.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Parks, the nickname Gabe gave her to annoy her, was your average women.  But she didn’t really have a style to herself, a lot of frumpy clothing.  She was work, work, work and no fun.  Her work included a thesis on Heroic men and Gabe came into that category when he saved those kids.

Needless to say Gabe was not for this interview and wanted nothing to do with her but curiosity got the better of him.  Soon Gabe found himself making a deal with Lizzy and he started to answer her questions with a little kissing.  Lizzy didn’t have much experience and because of this deal she was getting her part.  Needless to say Gabe finds himself in love but he wonders if he is good enough for Lizzy to even be with her, why would she want someone who is unemployed and doesn’t have goals?

With each book Lori Foster writes I keep reading them.  This story is a fantastic read.  I love how you get to know each brother with each book and how they are finding their loved ones.  One thing I would like is to have the mother visit.  I think she would be a great addition along with her husband.

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