Sawyer by Lori Foster

Four brothers and a 15 year old all living under the same roof.  This would normally smell like the recipe for disaster but the Hudson family make it work.  In the first book of the Buckhorn Series “Sawyer” we meet the brothers, Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan, and Casey who is Sawyer’s son.

Sawyer stands alert when his son Casey yells.  There was a woman who drove into the lake and she wasn’t conscious.  Now being Sawyer was a doctor immediately he went to examine her but he is blown away at the physical pull he feels when he gazes upon the victim.  Immediately she is pulled out of the car.  She wakes to say no hospital.  Grudgingly Sawyer accepts and takes her to their home.

The woman, Honey Malone is running scared from those who want to get her and running a fever.  Thankfully this man was a doctor, a gorgeous doctor one she couldn’t keep her eyes off of.  As Honey got better she got to know the brothers better and soon after she started to love them like her own family.  Sawyer and Honey begin a relationship that both tell each other will only be until she is safe.

I loved these new set of brothers.  I found them charismatic and lovable.  They were also very funny as they interacted with each other, very realistic on how brothers who are close would act.  I was surprised that Sawyer was a father of a 15 year old but I loved how Honey took to caring for Casey.  Honey’s character seemed older, more mature than a 25 year old would actually be.

Honey was great for Sawyer Hudson but now would Misty, Honey’s sister, be good for Morgan Hudson?  Find out in the next book “Morgan”.

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