“The Perfect Royal Mistress”

I don’t know why but I thought I would try another book by Diane Haeger.  I did like her other book but it just wanted to make me cry, so I hoped that this would not do so.

The story line of “The Perfect Royal Mistress” is about a lowly orange girl, Nell Gywnne trying to survive in this world in the time of 1666.  Her mother has been out of her life with drinking and Rose her sister took to prostitution to help provide food for them.  Nell has tried to keep her witt and strength in this time.

Charles II is king at this time married to Catherine but that doesn’t mean he stays faithful.  He has had many children with his mistresses.  He finds Nell as the lowly orange girl and finds her charming.  She tells him the truth with her witt, and she doesn’t know that he is king.

Nell finds herself being forced into sex by the actor Charles Hart which should have been the worst thing but Nell turns it into something she can use.   With the help of Richard Bell, Nell becomes a star on the stage in comedic plays.  It is at this time King Charles II sees her again and wants to get to know her better.

Nell lets the king and soon they begin their affair.  Nell though is different from all the other woman.  She ignores the other woman and lets him come back to her.  She continues on with her acting and all of London love her along with the King.

Okay so this book didn’t make me cry which was great.  Of course I was very frustrated throughout the book with the King and his commitment level to Nell.  I want them to always be together but he can’t stop with the cheating.  I personally would think that I would send the King packing with all the cheating but Nell is a different woman.  She loves the man and the King.  I wonder in today’s society would woman really be all that forgiving like Nell?  For me I know the answer is no.

What I also liked about this book was that its historical. These characters are real.  I liked how Diane places the facts and intertwines the fiction throughout the pages of the book.  It is also nice to have a little summary about what happens afterwards with Nell.

This book left me smiling more than “The Secret Wife of George IV”.  Over all I loved Nell strength in the book and found the atmosphere in that time fascinating to read.

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