“Just a Hint-Clint” by Lori Foster

Out of the other books I have read this one seemed to go the quickest, it could be due to the fact that it was the shortest or highly entertaining while a little confusing.  The book starts with Julie Rose being kidnapped.  This first concept got me confused because she was in Visitation safe, how would she be kidnapped, who would kidnap her.  Of course with those questions floating in my head I had to keep reading where I came to the character of Robert and Clint.  Robert was Julie’s fiance but she ended it him because he cheated.  Clint was the hired hand to bring Julie back.

So Clint goes and finds Julie who is being man handled.  He rescues her with the help of Red and Mojo.  Robert is relieved but he has his other worries about paying back Asa who is a business man, a man whose sister is sleeping with Robert.  A very tangled web.

Clint is told by Robert to take care of Julie for the week by Robert.  Clint is not the happy because he has feelings for Julie.  Didn’t want to but he has them and Julie is not shy of her feelings for Clint.  They become very intimate with each other while trying to protect each other from whoever planned this kidnapping.

In the end the person behind the kidnapping is shown and taken down for it.  Also the next and last book “Jamie” is set up with Jamie as he is seen holding a naked woman in the rain.

I liked this book with the new characters and old ones coming back.  It is always nice to see a happy ending when you are cheering for the characters from the sidelines.

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