Wyoming Bride

Wyoming BrideHannah Wentworth McMurtry had gotten married to Mr. McMurtry out of need to free her two other sisters from the orphanage. She never thought her husband would die on the trial or that she would lose track of her sisters. She will find help from Flint Creed who saves her from death. She will agree to marry the man to protect her baby.

Flint Creed watched the woman he loved leave him and become his younger brothers fiance. She did not know that he loved her and Flint would keep it secret. Soon his mind will be on a woman he finds who is almost at deaths door. He will help save her and get her to marry him but life with this woman would not be easy especially when he loved another.

Wyoming Bride is the second book to the series Mail-Order Bride from Joan Johnston. She is a brand knew author to me and from the looks of it she stays in the topic of the Wild West for a couple of her series. I am not always the biggest fan of the Wild West which is because I read a very long series and there was the happy ending in the beginning only to be met with more betrayal and heartache. The people never got a break. I like happy endings so that series kind of tainted Wild West books for me. So I am happy to say that this book had me liking it again.

Now this wasn’t a book that I absolutely loved right away, it was one that I grew to like. The characters were hard and flawed but sweet at times. Johnston switches between the brothers and their wives for whose story was being told. I was at times annoyed with the characters because they weren’t being truthful and you know the truth will always come out, especially for Flint who thinks he loves his brothers wife. Well Flint’s wife is not too happy with that thought but she comes out of it alive and so does he.

It was interesting also to read about life back then. Thinking about how childbirth really could lead to death for the mother and the child. It can still today obviously but with hospitals we are much more equipped than back in those days.

Now the villain was clear as it was the rich man of those parts who was a not a very nice man to the people. He does get what was coming to him, Wild West justice.

I am looking forward to reading the third book that will be about Hetty which I have next to read. The first one I am on a waiting list so that could be some time before I get it. I suppose there will more than likely be a fourth book that will be with Josie unless she is in the third book which is unlikely as she is with a British lord. I am assuming that wouldn’t be out until much later this year or the next but I will definitely be checking it out.

Beauty and the Blacksmith

beauty and the blacksmithLady Diana Highwood has loved Aaron Dawes, the blacksmith, from a far for two years. She finally is going to show him that she wants him, that she loves him even though she knows there will be obstacles in their way.

Aaron Dawes is the blacksmith for Spindle Cove and since meeting Lady Diana he has been in love with her since he saw her helping Finn at the tavern. Aaron will resist her as best he could but temptation and love will soon to be too hard to resist.

Beauty and the Blacksmith is a novella from the series Spindle Cove by Tessa Dare. I have loved this series since reading the first book with Susanna and Bram. I was very excited to find this novella as I have been looking and waiting for it to be available at my library.

Diana has been a character since the beginning of the series and I have been looking forward to reading her story. I wanted her to have a chance at happiness and it was interesting that she found it with a blacksmith. There romance was sweet and lustful but there was actual love that had been hidden away as they were both scared at being rejected. Aaron was a man who worked with his hands and did well on the things he created. I liked that he became braver and was more gusty when approaching Diana instead of brushing her off and almost ignoring her.

Lady Highwood was hilarious as all she wanted was a rich man for her daughter Diana. Now she has a blacksmith for a son in law. I guess there is always hope for Charlotte to land a rich suitor. I hope that her story will be told and others with Spindle Cove but I will just have to wait to find out. I only have one more novella from the series which I am on the waiting list for at my library.

Ruined by Moonlight

Ruined by MoonlightLady Elena Morrow will wake up dizzy and confused at her surroundings especially when she sees that there is a man next to her in bed. Elena will be shocked and horrified when she sees that it is the rake Viscount Andrews. They will be at a loss at why they were taken, but with each moment they stay together a temptation will build between them and soon the resistance to that temptation will fall.

Ruined by Moonlight is the first book to Whispers of Scandal series from Emma Wildes. I have only read a several of her books but have found them to be engaging and something I wouldn’t mind reading again. This books follows that same mold as the rest but what this had going for it was it completely surprised me in the direction this story was going.

At first I had thought it would be a love story with Elena and Ben but then I found that Ben was married and it didn’t seem likely he would stray from his wife. So that left Viscount Andrews or known as Ran. He was a rake and was thoroughly against marriage and only went into affairs with married woman. Elena was completely the opposite of what he wanted as she was innocent and still a debutant. That doesn’t mean that Ran will not avoid temptation altogether nor will Elena. Of course before then they tried to find out who had kidnapped them.

The other couple that was prominent in the book were Lord and Lady Heathton, Ben and Alicia. Ben mostly worked as a spy in his old life which was why he was on the search for Elena. He does his job well but there will still be the question of who brought them to that tower. That is a thought that stayed with me throughout the entire book. I was waiting for some evil doer to be revealed but Wildes surprised me with the outcome and now I can’t wait to read the next book from the series that has Ben playing detective again.

How to Lose a Bride in One Night

How to Lose a Bride in One NightAnnalise Hadley expected her wedding day to be something of what dreams were made of which is why she does not expect what happened. Finding herself suffocated by a pillow and thrown over the railing of the boat left Annalise with nothing but she struggled to stay alive. She will be rescued by a man who aggravates her but drives her to passion at the same time. Although she wouldn’t have her happy ending until her past is resolved.

Owen, the youngest brother to the current Earl of Winningham, is not just a gentleman but a lord thanks to his Scotland side. He will be surprised when he stumbles upon a young woman who was washed up on shore and looked like she would die. Owen does his duty and helps her but after that noble act he finds it is harder to get her out of his life.

How to Lose a Bride in One Night is the third book to the Forgotten Princesses from Sophie Jordan. First off I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It started off like a dream for Annalise but soon a nightmare that she had to survive and she does survive. She is helped by Owen who was talked about in the novella, The Earl in My Bed, and I am happy to know more about him. He is a very dangerous man who has fought and killed many. He was a broken man and in someways Annalise was broken as well but they were healed by each other. There were obstacles between them especially as Annalise kept who she was and what really happened to her that night. The truth had to come out and it does but much later in the book when the two were heading towards a happy ending, the news broke that up. Of course hope is not lost as Owen and Annalise will get their happy ending.

The villain was clearly the husband of Annalise who was particularly cruel and I am not sorry with what happens to him which was a perfect finish to him.

Now another sister was not mentioned anywhere in the book so I wonder if the series is over. I have a feeling it is but as there are more books from Sophie Jordan out there I will certainly be continuing with her books.

The Earl in My Bed

The Earl in My BedPaget Ellsworth walks the countryside lonely these days as her best friends are no longer at her side. One has past away while the other is at war. Paget will be annoyed that everyone thinks that she is to be with Owen, the earl’s youngest son, but she has found no passion there. She will be surprised when she turns to Jamie who is the eldest and heir.

Jamie, Earl of Winningham, has always been on the side when it came to his brothers and to Paget. His long desire for Paget he keeps hidden but now it gets harder to do when they finally kiss. He will find that he will want to keep her at his side.

The Earl in My Bed is a novella from the Forgotten Princesses series by Sophie Jordan. The novella was a very quick read and one that I enjoyed very much from the author. She writes intriguing characters that I want to know more about. I am always so surprised when a novella holds my attention and has a good story that is within its very few pages.

Now it has been a little while since I have read any of her books but I do remember very well Jack Hadley’s daughters from the previous books. I will will reading about the fourth sisters and I think final one of the series.

So The Earl in My Bed really was a fun book to read. I liked the characters of Paget and Jamie. They seemed an unlikely pair but instead they were perfect for each other. The younger brother Owen had been thought to be Paget’s husband when he came back but he wouldn’t have that chance now, of course he is in the third book to the Forgotten Princesses series so I am excited to see what will happen.

Carolina Home

Carolina HomeMatt Fletcher knew all about commitment and how to take care of family. He excelled at it but he will be thrown by his sixteen year old son’s teacher, Allison, as she will be wanting to take care of him. He knows that she is too young and he didn’t do relationships but Matt found it was easier with her and wanted to take that step.

Allison Carter is new to Dare Island but wanted to make this teaching job work. She loved what she did and wanted to help her students. She will find interest in one of her students father and soon they begin a relationship that was to be noncommittal. Allison will try to keep things light but it doesn’t take long for true feelings to come for Matt.

Carolina Home is the first book from Virginia Kantra’s series Dare Island. Virginia Kantra is a new author I am trying out and it looks like the series Dare Island is a fairly new series as this book just came out in 2012, the second book in 2013 and the third one came out in March of 2014. I already know that I will be looking out for the two books as I loved this book. The story was simple but it was compelling to read. I think it was the family dynamic that sucked me into their lives. Matt was the good son who was willing to help his family no matter what but not his own love life. He didn’t want that ever again. Of course that will all change when he meets Allison. I liked that her character seemed so grounded and was not the stuck up rich kid she could have become.

There is plenty of passion that is filled between the pages when Matt and Allison get together but what gets to you is how they grow to really care for each other. For Matt its a second chance and for Allison its a new experience that she wants to hold on to. There is a point where Matt will do something stupid and things will get rocky but all will be resolved leaving them to a happy ending. Of course that happy ending does get a little sappy but I really wouldn’t have changed it.

Now I said that the family dynamic got to me and it did. All the family members of the Fletchers were warm and caring. Tess and Tom were the parents/grandparents who were loving people. Meg comes into the scene who will be in the next book which I can’t wait to read. She is the daughter of Tom and Tess and she comes off bossy but is a good person. Luke, the son of Tess and Tom, comes into the book as well and drops a bombshell on the family. He brings with him a ten year old daughter, Taylor. Taylor was a good character because she brought in a dilemma that had to be solved with this family. There is a mystery behind her and why she is scared. I have a feeling of what happened with all the clues Virginia Kantra gives you in the book but I bet we wouldn’t find out until the third book when Luke will be the main character. Lastly there is Josh who was just like his dad in a lot of things but I liked that he came out of his shell more and acted like a teenager throughout the book.

It is nice that the second and third book are available and hopefully my library will be adding more of Virginia Kantra’s books to their collection otherwise I will have to look elsewhere so I could find out what happened in Meg’s story and Luke’s story.

The Sum of All Kisses

The Sum of All KissesHugh Prentice had a very good memory and a head for numbers which became his downfall and led him to a duel. For three years Hugh’s leg healed but he would always have a limp. This led him to close himself away from people but he will be surprised when Lady Sarah catches his attention.

Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh Prentice because of what he had done to her family. Every time she is by him anger flows through her and she will be rude and/or yell at him. Then of course things start to change as she comes to knows him as a man.

The Sum of All Kisses is the third book to the Smythe-Smith Quartet series from Julia Quinn. I have read the first two books of the series a while back so I revisited them and was once again entertained by this chaotic family. The third book resembles the first two with its humor and wit that goes along with the characters.

Hugh’s story is recapped in the book so if you did not read the first two there was no problem understanding what had happened to get the duel started. I liked Hugh even though he was a little surly. I liked his sarcastic side that came out often in the book. Sarah was a good character although a little over dramatic at times and had her cynical moments. Of course she smiled plenty and had a lot to be happy about.

The two of them were almost like enemies for most of the story but the attraction that was between them started to build and once it was at the surface it bubbled over. When they weren’t auguring they were compatible with each other. On a side note I loved the character of Frances, Sarah’s little sister, as she was very sweet and got Hugh to lighten up.

The next book is of course not out yet but I wonder who will be the next of the Smythe-Smith family to be in the fourth book.