The Unexpected Wedding Guest

The Unexpected Wedding GuestReese Michael had been married ten years ago and it nearly broke her as she loved him. He was back now and Reese can’t deny the chemistry but she doesn’t want to feel that as he was her past.

Mason Hicks was back facing his ex-wife wanting closure but it was hard to have a conversation when she was glaring daggers at him. He was the reason for her now fiance walking away. He wants to make things right which is why he will have to stay away from her as the chemistry between them is still alive.

The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee Carson is the first book to the Wedding Season series. This series is written by four different authors all about these four friends finding love. I liked the story. It didn’t grab me right away but it was sweet in the end as it was all about second chances.

Reese needed to grow up and figure out what went wrong in her marriage which does happen giving her clarity. I thought Reese was a little naive with the idea of going through with this other marriage as she clearly had some issues thanks to her first marriage. Mason was a solider who had been been through a very traumatic time in war. He was broken now and looking for closure. I wanted Mason to stop dragging his feet and really talk which is what he wanted to do. Instead he just avoids the topic and walks away. As the story went on I was happy that they were able to have that time to talk and get their second chances.

I have all four book in my possession so I will be reading the second book next with Cassie.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Unleasing Mr. DarcyElizabeth Scott was taking a leave of absence that was being enforced by her job as she was on probation due to a scandal. Elizabeth was able to enjoy herself some as she puts her dog through dog shows. She will find a new job opportunity in England which will keep her in proximity of Donovan Darcy who had mad and wanting him.

Donovan Darcy was judging another dog show but this time it was different. He will meet a woman who will have him smiling and annoyed at the same time. He will be surprised to find her in London and Donovan will want nothing more than to spend more time with the woman who was driving him mad.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy is a standalone novel by Teri Wilson. I absolutely loved this book. There is certainly parts of this book that are familiar to Pride & Prejudice with scenes that are very much like the classic story, but Wilson makes her own story.

It was a charming tale that happened between Elizabeth and Donovan and how dogs brought them together. I liked the instant dislike that Elizabeth had for Donovan as based on her own experiences with the wealthy. The dislike does not go away as Elizabeth is stubborn and nervous about letting him get closer. Donovan is not the stuck up man you would think him to be. He is a fun guy to be around, a little serious, but that was too be expected as he had to grow up fast when his parents died. I love his kindness with animals and that is shared with Elizabeth which does bond them.

Their relationship is anything but a fairytale as Elizabeth doesn’t always like him and Donovan finds her annoying. Of course they work it out and then more bumps in the road happen. Donovan will be persistent in his pursuit of Elizabeth and you can’t help but sigh over his attempts and want a Donovan for yourself.

The villains are certainly Helena and Grant. Helena was the jealous one when it came to Elizabeth as she wanted Donovan. She will do anything to get rid of the competition. Halfway through I was thinking I bet Grant will be making an appearance. He does as his part in the story wasn’t quite finished. I really wanted these two characters to be kicked to the curb and thankfully Wilson will not disappoint.

After such an enjoyable story I want to read more but am hesitant as sometimes you read such an amazing book and the next one is not up to those standards which I doubt. You just never know. Though I have a feeling I will be back for another Teri Wilson’s book because I am curious about the other books she wrote about.

Crash Landing

Crash LandingBillionaire Gibb Martin needed a pilot to get back to the states so he could stop his best friend from making a mistake. He will pay Sophia to take him to Florida but there will be a problem when a storm comes upon them.

Sophia Cruz was a good pilot and loved her job. She took on the job which would pay some of her bills but this will be a challenging job as she had to be very close to Gibb who tempted her. But that will take a step back when a storm will leave them stranded on an island.

Crash Landing is the third book to Stop the Wedding series by Lori Wilde. This is the final book to the series and once again I liked it. It was another cute addition that was filled with some sizzle as the other two had.

I liked Sophia and Gibb as they were worlds apart at least on the outside that is what it appeared to be. Gibb was more down to earth than what was expected which I liked. You liked him more for that. Sophia was strong and fierce when in a tough situation.

Now the situation of a couple on an island you knew that it would lead only one way. They will steam up the pages but what happens after the island? A happy ending will come their way but it will take Gibb to get a grip on his feelings. That will only happen thanks to his friend whose wedding he was trying to stop.

As a whole I liked the series. It held my attention, had some humor, some sizzle and a good group of characters.

Smooth Sailing

Smooth SailingJeb Whitcomb was a billionaire trying to find himself to prove to his ex-girlfriend that he can change. Changing from a playboy was difficult when he was tempted left and right with a nurse who worked at his side.

Haley French was a RN and loved her job but it became difficult when she had to deal with Jeb. She resented him for making everything he did a big deal. Haley will resist the man but then one night she will let loose and find herself the next morning stranded on a yacht with the man she wanted to avoid.

Smooth Sailing is the second book from the series Stop the Wedding by Lori Wilde. When I started this series I didn’t know that they would be connecting to the same wedding. I figured it was several different weddings these men were coming to stop. So here in this one it is Jeb who is trying to stop a wedding where his ex-girlfriend is the bride. The ex is Jackie who is Boone’s sister, who was in the first book. I liked that they were connected and it seems they are all happening at the same time.

I liked Jeb for the most part as Wilde makes him likeable as he was trying to change from someone who had everything. At times I wanted to hit Jeb over the head and yell at him for being blinded by the idea of his ex-girlfriend when a woman he could love was right there. With Haley’s character I really liked her. She was a little shy, a little broken but she had a fire inside her. I was heartbroken for Haley with what had happened in her past. I wanted her to have that happy ending, and that ending was a struggle but it does happen.

So about the ending, it was once again very very sappy but I loved it. It felt like a movie I have seen which made it corny but great at the same time.

I am reading the last book, Crash Landing, next.

Night Driving

Night DrivingBoone Toliver needed to get to Key West to stop his sister from marrying a man she knew only for a month. With a very recent knee surgery he couldn’t drive himself and he had to get there by Saturday. He will be rescued by his neighbor who he tried to avoid.

Tara Duvall wanted to know her neighbor but he always ignored her. Now she is moving back home and that chance to get to know him has vanished. At least it was until she made herself available to drive him to Florida to stop his sisters wedding.

Night Driving is the first book to Stop the Wedding series by Lori Wilde. I picked up this series which are three books in total. I liked the book as it was cute and very fast paced. This book just reach a little over 200 pages. It was shocking how fast I was done with this book. I guess I was reading a lot longer books recently.

The premise of the story is the brother thinks his sister is making a mistake, so what does he do? He travels to Florida and tries to stop her. I will have to say it is believable that a brother would do that as he is trying to protect his sister from making a mistake. I liked Tara who was very bubbly and wants to be the center of attention but she is not shallow. I liked that she broke down Boone’s walls and made his smile.

The romance is hot and heavy as with any romance but there are bumps in the road that will shake this attraction. The ending I have to say is a little sappy but it gave the couple that happy ending you were hoping for.

Waiting on You

Waiting on youColleen O’Rourke had been in love only once in her life and he was back in town to say goodbye to his uncle who was dying. She did not want to see him knowing that she would fall back in love but that wasn’t a choice as he was keeping close to her.

Lucas Campbell was here to help his Uncle Joe and to say goodbye. He knew that seeing Colleen would stir up old feelings but he didn’t want to start anything. Staying away from her seemed impossible though in the small town and Lucas knew that with enough time by her side he would want her all over again.

Waiting On You is the third book to Blue Heron series by Kristan Higgins. Once again I really liked this book. Kristan Higgins is a writer that I want to come back for more.

So Colleen was a woman who was unlucky in love. She was a flirt and a very confident woman or so it appeared on the outside. She was fragile and in need of love. I liked that for Colleen does get a second chance at love even though it was a very bumpy ride. Lucas was a man of few words but was a good man who just wanted to have something of his own. Now I think that Lucas was a little on the weak side when he was in his twenties and didn’t fight for Colleen. He makes up for it but he is still hardheaded about how to show Colleen what he wants.

I thought the backgrounds of Colleen and Lucas were written well and placed thoughtfully in the book. They were heartwarming and heartbreaking as you got to know these characters.

Now I really did like these characters as they were dynamic and felt real with real problems, my problem was I was torn. I wanted the happy ending as the romance reader in me and I was thrilled with the ending, then the other side of me was kind of annoyed. I felt that Colleen gave in way too easily. Sure it was her personality but I was disappointed that she didn’t resist more as this was a man who didn’t say that he loved her for all four years of dating. But as I said the romantic in me was thrilled with the outcome because I wanted them to be happy.

I would really like more on this series as there are still characters out there that haven’t had their story told. The fourth book is out this month which I can’t wait to read. Though to keep myself occupied I will have to try one of Higgins many novels as getting the fourth book could take some time with people checking it out.

The Perfect Match

The Perfect MatchHonor Holland wanted a baby and a family as she was getting older and she will turn to her best friend but will be turned down. Honor will be broken up when he turns to one of her best friends but she will find a solution with a different man.

Tom Barlow needed to marry in order to stay and not get sent to England. He wanted to be close to his almost stepson. Tom will find a woman who will be willing to marry him for that reason. He will want a marriage of convenience but will get much more from Honor.

The Perfect Match is the second book to Blue Heron series by Kristan Higgins. I was absolutely in love with the first book and couldn’t wait to read the second book. First off I liked the book, not as much as the first one but it was a good read. It was very heartbreaking and heartwarming which were filled with lively characters. In fact it was charming like the first one and I wouldn’t lie I was getting choked up a little when things were just getting more and more difficult for Honor. I guess what didn’t do it for me completely was marrying for a green card aspect of the plot. It was a sweet thing for Honor’s character, but weird. I didn’t want Honor to have a loveless marriage. Now Tom was a guy who was doing the best he could but I wasn’t pulled into his character right away, at times he seemed like an ass and then he turned into a great guy. It went back and fourth. I will admit I was a sucker for the ending when everything happened. I was waiting for that moment when they would both get what they wanted.

The one thing that stayed consistent was the Holland family which I loved. They were certainly a family unit and I loved the grandparents.

Now there are no real villains in the book as this is not that type of story. There are some bad seeds like Dana and some idiots like Brogan. I disliked Dana which you should’ve after what she had done behind Honor’s back. Of course as this is a romance book, things will get fixed but not completely as once there is that kind of betrayal you never can go back to the beginning.

I can’t wait to read the third book to find out more with Colleen which I am reading next.