A Lady Never Surrenders

A Lady Never SurrendersLady Celia Sharpe had only two months to find a husband thanks to her grandmothers stipulation. Celia had found three possible suitors but will want Bow Street Runner Jackson Pinter to check them out. Celia will find that all three suitors were not the ones she wanted but Jackson.

Jackson Pinter is a Bow Street Runner and good at him job. He is investigating the murder of the Sharpe parents which happened nineteen years ago. Though now he has a new job for Lady Celia to investigate her suitors and the more time he spends with her he wants her for himself, but he knows that he could never give her the lifestyle she is used to.

A Lady Never Surrenders is the fifth book of Hellions of Halstead Hall series by Sabrina Jeffries. I thought that the book was good and had a good mystery with this family and what happened to the parents. I felt though that this was a story already in process and I am finding out the conclusion to this mystery.

I liked Celia who was a kind person and was finding out that love just happened when you least know it. I wanted Celia and Jackson together as they were compatible even though they were different in terms of society, but they will be finding that happy ending. Jackson was a good man but had some demons to get through that were from his father. Though Jeffries gives a little twist on that story which changes things.

This whole mystery from suicide to murder of the parents was interesting and I liked how Jeffries puts in these facts that are from Lady Celia when she was a very little girl that help solve some the mystery of her parents murder. I was not shocked by the outcome and who killed the parents as it was kind of easy to figure it out especially when all the pieces came together.

I will have to try out the first book of the series to see how it all started. There are six in total and as I read the fifth book which concluded the mystery I have to wonder what the story will be about. I know it is about Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, who was mentioned in the fifth story. I will find out more when I try out the rest of the series.

Lucky Penny

Lucky PennyBrianna O’Keefe was alone in the world with her daughter and to save herself she invented a husband, David Paxton. She will send a letter to her fake husband asking him for help. She only hoped that there was no David Paxton in Denver.

David Paxton was on his way to possibly engaged when he receives a letter telling him of a child he never knew. When David meets the woman and his child he knows that she is his but Brianna denies it.

Lucky Penny is the fourth book to Keegan-Paxton Family series by Catherine Anderson. I have never tried anything from Catherine Anderson but I liked the book. I don’t always go for the wild west themed romances but I thought that this one was well done. I felt the environment and the troubles that came with the time.

Brianna was a woman with secrets and they were not secrets that were shared all at once as she was a guarded woman. I had a feeling about her big secret and I was right but I didn’t know about the circumstances. I liked Brianna who was a strong woman with all that she had to deal with. David Paxton was a good man but a little pushy especially when doing things his way. The relationship was in a way like a courtship but it was a strained one at that. They didn’t exactly trust each other with the secrets between them but love does blossom and will become strong.

I liked Daphne, Brianna’s daughter, but there was a mystery about her as Brianna said she was not Paxton’s daughter. The problem started as Paxton and her daughter looked very much alike. Anderson will give an answer to that particular problem but it will be right at the end of the book.

Throughout the book I was trying to figure out how the story would play out as the secret was told but David didn’t believe it. There will be two big obstacles that have to be gotten over and they will be conquered and a happy ending will happen for them.

Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise EngagedMiss Amity Doncaster has dealt with scandal from six years ago as it still follows her but she will be in a different danger when she steps into the wrong carriage. The murderer named the Bridegroom will almost gets his hands on her but she will escape. The danger will not be over as now she had to find this killer before she is threatened again, she will find help from Benedict Stanbrige.

Benedict Stanbridge was a spy for the Crown and was almost killed but because of Amity Doncaster he was still breathing. He will feel gratitude but much more for this woman. Benedict will have to do all that he can to save this woman from the murderer.

Otherwise Engaged is a standalone novel by Amanda Quick a.k.a Jayne Ann Krentz. I had originally thought that this was going to be a continuation of the series Ladies of Lantern Street but I quickly figured out that it was not. I wasn’t too distraught as I love to read her books and it has been a while since I got a new book from this period so I was excited to read it. Her books are like a guilty pleasure for me. They’re the books that I can always reread over and over. This novel was one that I really enjoyed and reminded me of her other novels with the intrigue, murder, investigation and the connection between the two characters. Yes it is a formula as most authors have it, but I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know who was the villain and there were several to chose from so it was hard to make an accurate guess which made the book entertaining to read.

Amity was a world traveler and an accomplished one at that. She has dealt with scandal and deals with it again in the wake of this murderer. She is brave and expresses herself with no difficulty which I liked about her. Then there is Benedict who was clearly a man of mystery and was good at his job being a spy. Those abilities of investigation would come in handy to help Amity. I liked their teamwork as it was a give and take partnership.

The villain as I said above could have been a handful of people which left me guessing and trying to solve the plot as I read. This is something I like to do and when I can’t figure out the murderer before they are revealed I know that the author did a good job with writing the story.

The Marriage Merger

The Marriage MergerJulietta Conte was determined in her job and wanted to succeed and had no time for distractions like Sawyer Wells or any other man. With every relationship she tried it just ended with her frustrated and hurt but with Sawyer he will draw out something inside of her that will make her into a new woman.

Sawyer Wells had a hard life that should have broken a person but he was determined to survive. Sawyer will do well in business but shields himself off from attachments that would have him caring. He will fail when it comes to Juliette who was just supposed to be an affair but he will find more with this woman.

The Marriage Merger is the fourth book to Marriage to a Billionaire series by Jennifer Probst. I liked this book a lot. It was a quick read as the story flowed from each scene and I couldn’t wait to find out how they were going to make it work, and find out about their story.

This was a book about control and who has the power and it was steamy with Juliette and Sawyer. They were not enemies but at odds because of their power struggle. I liked Juliette and Sawyer for their strong character and for their past. Sawyer had a hard life full of violence as his foster father was not a good man. You felt for Sawyer as the story unfolds but amazed that he survived all of it. I will say I was happy that in the previous book nothing happened with Carina, Juliette’s sister, and that it didn’t put a rift between Juliette and Sawyer. Now Juliette might not have had such a traumatic upbringing but getting to the top has been a hard path. The reasons for Juliette’s control in her life comes clear and feel bad for her but then cheer for her when she finds that possible release for her control, it will make her understand herself.

I will have to come back and read the first two books from Jennifer Probst so I can finish off this series.

The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage MistakeCarina Conte has loved Max since she could remember but she had to forget about him and move on. It was easy until her brother decided that she should shadow Max as she started into the family business.

Max Grey knew that Carina was off limits as she was his best friends sister so he will keep those thoughts to himself. That is until he finds himself too captivated with Carina that he can’t keep his hands to himself and with one scorching night together all things will change.

The Marriage Mistake is the third book to the series Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst. As this was the first book I had no expectations other than hoping I would like the book and I thought Jennifer Probst wrote an interesting story that captured my attention. I wanted to know more about these other characters and what happened in their stories.

This book falls to family dynamic as this is a very Italian family and I liked them. They were a little old fashioned but that was how these characters were written to be. I liked that Carina was breaking free of the mold and trying to become the woman she was meant to be, instead of what her family expected. Max is a man with a past he doesn’t want repeated. He doesn’t feel like he is good enough for Carina and keeps all relationships very easy. Chemistry for these characters is not a problem but it only comes alive when they are angry or at least that is how it starts and it will be scorching between them.

What was interesting was this book of spells that Carina used and this book was used before in the previous books for the two main woman who were looking for the right man. I liked the idea of the spells but I definitely wouldn’t say this was supernatural, it just had a small supernatural spin to it. From how the book ended with the women commenting on the book Julietta will find herself reciting a spell like the others. I will find out soon as I am reading Julietta’s story next.

Sense & Sensibility

Sense & SensibilityThe Dashwood family have now been evicted from their home due to their stepbrother’s wife who wants nothing to do with them. Now Elinor, the oldest, along with Marianne, Margaret and their mother Belle have to make it on their own. But they will get some help from other family members along the way.

Sense & Sensibility was a story that Jane Austen had written and since then become a classic novel. Personally my favorite of Austen has and always will be Pride & Prejudice but I will say that Sense & Sensibility is a close second alongside to Emma and Mansfield Park.

This adaption was done really well. I felt that Joanna Trollope kept the plot and scenarios the same but she added a modern day twist to them with bringing these characters to the present day. Like with the original book I was charmed by the characters because they still had that same feel to them and I could easily imagine them just like I did with Austen’s book and the many movies that were created following the story.

My favorite characters would have to be the Dashwood sisters. They might not have always acted liked they liked each other but in the end they loved one another like sisters which is very much like any kind of siblings. Personally my favorite sister would of course be Elinor as she was the one that held everything together. You felt for her with her struggles to hold her head up high when it came to Edward who was to be with another. Of course all it not lost for Edward and Elinor or for Marianne who had her own heartache.

The people who drove me nuts were Fanny, Fanny’s mother, Lucy, and even John Dashwood. Interestingly enough their were moments that you did see the good in them but for the most part they were either weak and conformed to what others said or were bully’s who wanted to get what they thought were owed to them.

Now this book is part of a collection written by other authors in a series called Austen Project. It appears that different authors are writing modern day versions of Austen’s novels. I will be definitely coming back to this series trying more.  

How to Capture a Countess

How to Capture a CountessRose Balfour never thought she would be invited to her godmothers house. She went ahead to the house party for her sisters hoping that if she made a good impression her sisters would be treated the same way. Rose will be baffled when she comes face to face with the man that had kissed her senseless six years ago. She knew that she needed to stay away from him but that was hard to do as he was bent on seducing her.

Lord Alton Sinclair or Lord Sin known to many wanted revenge on the woman who had caused many to mock him six years ago. Thanks to his aunt he will have his chance at revenge except whenever he came near her the control he has leaves. He becomes enthralled with the woman before him and wants nothing more than to touch her, to kiss her.

How to Capture a Countess is the first book to the series Duchess Diaries by Karen Hawkins. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hawkins always brings a sense of humor to her story and a fun plot that will leave you entertained.

Rose was someone who did what she could for those she loved. She was a good person and someone who didn’t mean to hurt others, but it was funny how she was always bruising Sin whenever they were together. Now Lord Sin was a man on a mission and it was a vindictive one as he was aiming for Rose. I loved how Hawkins slowly showed his act of revenge was leaving his mind and only the idea of being with Rose was taking over. They were very compatible with each other. Their touch was explosive leaving them both wanting each other every time they were near. I liked the unpredictability that Hawkins created when Rose and Sin were trying to find a way to be alone together.

Since I enjoyed this book I found myself looking up the next two books. I found out that this series has another author writing her own stories, but as of right now I am sticking to Hawkins stories with the Duchess Diaries. I was happy to see that the two books will feature the two other Balfour sisters, and since my library has then I will be getting them very soon.