Carolina Home

Carolina HomeMatt Fletcher knew all about commitment and how to take care of family. He excelled at it but he will be thrown by his sixteen year old son’s teacher, Allison, as she will be wanting to take care of him. He knows that she is too young and he didn’t do relationships but Matt found it was easier with her and wanted to take that step.

Allison Carter is new to Dare Island but wanted to make this teaching job work. She loved what she did and wanted to help her students. She will find interest in one of her students father and soon they begin a relationship that was to be noncommittal. Allison will try to keep things light but it doesn’t take long for true feelings to come for Matt.

Carolina Home is the first book from Virginia Kantra’s series Dare Island. Virginia Kantra is a new author I am trying out and it looks like the series Dare Island is a fairly new series as this book just came out in 2012, the second book in 2013 and the third one came out in March of 2014. I already know that I will be looking out for the two books as I loved this book. The story was simple but it was compelling to read. I think it was the family dynamic that sucked me into their lives. Matt was the good son who was willing to help his family no matter what but not his own love life. He didn’t want that ever again. Of course that will all change when he meets Allison. I liked that her character seemed so grounded and was not the stuck up rich kid she could have become.

There is plenty of passion that is filled between the pages when Matt and Allison get together but what gets to you is how they grow to really care for each other. For Matt its a second chance and for Allison its a new experience that she wants to hold on to. There is a point where Matt will do something stupid and things will get rocky but all will be resolved leaving them to a happy ending. Of course that happy ending does get a little sappy but I really wouldn’t have changed it.

Now I said that the family dynamic got to me and it did. All the family members of the Fletchers were warm and caring. Tess and Tom were the parents/grandparents who were loving people. Meg comes into the scene who will be in the next book which I can’t wait to read. She is the daughter of Tom and Tess and she comes off bossy but is a good person. Luke, the son of Tess and Tom, comes into the book as well and drops a bombshell on the family. He brings with him a ten year old daughter, Taylor. Taylor was a good character because she brought in a dilemma that had to be solved with this family. There is a mystery behind her and why she is scared. I have a feeling of what happened with all the clues Virginia Kantra gives you in the book but I bet we wouldn’t find out until the third book when Luke will be the main character. Lastly there is Josh who was just like his dad in a lot of things but I liked that he came out of his shell more and acted like a teenager throughout the book.

It is nice that the second and third book are available and hopefully my library will be adding more of Virginia Kantra’s books to their collection otherwise I will have to look elsewhere so I could find out what happened in Meg’s story and Luke’s story.

The Sum of All Kisses

The Sum of All KissesHugh Prentice had a very good memory and a head for numbers which became his downfall and led him to a duel. For three years Hugh’s leg healed but he would always have a limp. This led him to close himself away from people but he will be surprised when Lady Sarah catches his attention.

Lady Sarah Pleinsworth hates Hugh Prentice because of what he had done to her family. Every time she is by him anger flows through her and she will be rude and/or yell at him. Then of course things start to change as she comes to knows him as a man.

The Sum of All Kisses is the third book to the Smythe-Smith Quartet series from Julia Quinn. I have read the first two books of the series a while back so I revisited them and was once again entertained by this chaotic family. The third book resembles the first two with its humor and wit that goes along with the characters.

Hugh’s story is recapped in the book so if you did not read the first two there was no problem understanding what had happened to get the duel started. I liked Hugh even though he was a little surly. I liked his sarcastic side that came out often in the book. Sarah was a good character although a little over dramatic at times and had her cynical moments. Of course she smiled plenty and had a lot to be happy about.

The two of them were almost like enemies for most of the story but the attraction that was between them started to build and once it was at the surface it bubbled over. When they weren’t auguring they were compatible with each other. On a side note I loved the character of Frances, Sarah’s little sister, as she was very sweet and got Hugh to lighten up.

The next book is of course not out yet but I wonder who will be the next of the Smythe-Smith family to be in the fourth book.


DestinyNash Barron liked his life in his hometown but with his estranged brother back he had not been one to want his big brother back. Now that some time has passed Nash is learning to forgive after all these years with the help of Kelly. As this all happens Nash will find new facts about his life.

Kelly Moss settled into the town Serendipity to be close to her half sister. She will be finding herself getting closer to Nash and sparks will fly between them but she doesn’t want to lose her heart to him.

Destiny is the second book to the series Serendipity from Carly Phillips. From start to finish I liked the book. There were little surprises that revealed secrets of the characters, Nash and Kelly. I was intrigued by the book and found myself flying through the pages.

Nash was a hard man with a grudge but he does lighten up throughout the book. Kelly was hiding her own secrets that embarrassed her for her poor judgment, but in reality she did everything she could. She grew from that experience which hardened her a little, much like Nash. But both did find a way to be together, it helped with the steamy connection that happened between them. I had wondered for a little if his ex wife was going to be a problem but she wasn’t. In fact she had her own love story in the book with the bartender Joe. They were pretty quick to have their own happy ending. Kelly and Nash had a harder time finding that peace that would bring their own happiness.

I went and looked for more books from the author and saw some other books that are part of the series Serendipity with characters Kate and Lissa getting their own novellas. It also looks like there is a series called Serendipity’s Finest which I wouldn’t mind reading. Since she does have a lot of books out from other series I will have plenty of choices to pick from.


SerendipityFaith Harrington knew coming back to her hometown would be hard but she had to start over. People were not overly friendly to her thanks to what her father had done but she was determined to make it work. She had not expected to encounter Ethan the bad boy that made her feel things still after ten years.

Ethan Barron was the bad boy in his youth and for the last ten years he had felt guilt over that time where he left his brothers on their own. He is back in his hometown hoping to start over with his family. He will be surprised with a half sister and find the one woman he had wanted for the last ten years.

Serendipity is the first book to the series Serendipity by Carly Phillips. I had read the third book of the series and liked it but I wasn’t completely into the story at first. For the first book I easily got into the story of Faith and Ethan.

This was a good intro to the series and about the brothers. You feel for Nash and Dare who were all but abandoned by Ethan when their parents were killed. Then again you feel for the eighteen year old Ethan who was carrying too much guilt and was considered a screw up. Faith had her own demons she had to face but she was able to get out of her situation alive mentally and have the determination to start over. Ethan and Faith were similar in the idea that they both needed a way to start over.

I really liked the addition of Tess. She was a handful for the brothers. I liked how Phillips made her exactly how a teenager with all that she went through would act. She also did a good job with the brothers and how they feel with their older brother, and how the town condemns Faith for what her father had done.

I am reading the second book next with Nash and Kelly. I am intrigued how their relationship will start as I have read the third book and already know the outcome of their story.

The Perfect Murder

The Perfect MurderSebastian Costas has been driven for the past year to find his ex wife and son’s murderer. Sebastian will be getting closer to the killer and will be led to California, and to the organization Last Stand.

Jane Burke started working with Last Stand hoping to find something that she could do. She will soon be finding herself on a case of missing sisters and will find help with a Sebastian who was looking for his own killer. She will soon realize that their killers are one of the same.

The Perfect Murder is the sixth and final book to the series Last Stand from Brenda Novak. I was once again engrossed in the novel wondering how it would end and hoping that the villain gets caught and punished. It seems that Brenda Novak gets me to turn the pages of her books especially with all the suspense that was involved.

Sebastian was a dedicated to finding the killer who took his ex wife and son. I was enthralled with him and impressed with all that he was able to do to even track the killer. Jane’s character was scared and still healing from all that she had endured. I liked that she found her voice and helped those who could not help themselves. I liked the romance that started and it gave this couple a chance at happiness of course there are bumps in the road that get a little dicey when the killer starts to look towards Jane.

The villain was pretty much a man who was deranged and diabolical when it came to violence and getting what he wanted. Novak does a good job making sure that he acted like a man insane with his thoughts and actions throughout the novel.

I thought this was a good finish to end the book and the series. Of course I will still have to find the second, third and fourth book to completely finish the series.

The Perfect Liar

The Perfect LiarLuke Trussell was a good man in the air force but will find himself drunk one night and making a mistake with a one night stand. He will be soon charged with rape but will fight it as he did not force her to do anything. Luke will find help from Ava who helps protect victims, but will soon find that he is putting her in danger.

Ava Bixby works at the Last Stand and helps victims. She will be receiving her next case but as she goes further into this case she will find not all things were adding up. Ava will soon be siding with Luke and find a way to clear his name while trying to keep away from trouble that keeps getting closer.

The Perfect Liar is the fifth book to the Last Stand series from Brenda Novak. From this series I have only read the first book which was compelling to read with all the action and underhanded things that occurred in the book. I came across the fifth and sixth book on the shelves in my library and started the fifth one right away as I was eager to read more from this series.

Ava was a strong woman who just wasn’t sure of herself especially when it comes to following her gut about victims. She had failed once and didn’t want to fail again. I liked that she didn’t just give in and gave Luke a chance to tell his side of the story. Luke was a boy scout and always did things the right way. It was interesting to read about him through the story as things started to unravel around him. He became more aggressive which was needed so he would survive this attack to his character. Now there is a budding romance that starts with Luke and Ava but it starts out slow and will find a way to steam up even through all the chaos that happens with the crazed stalker who only wants Luke.

The book weaves through some very serious crimes and Novak does it well especially with the villain who is clearly stated pretty much in the beginning of the book. The stalker was psychotic and clearly had been screwed up for a very long time leading her to do many horrible things. What I found interesting was there were a couple surprises that dealt with the idea that there could have been more than one villain and more than one death happening in the book.

The sixth book is with Jane who was featured in the first book of the series. I am looking to reading how Jane changed from a victim, that is once she figured out the truth out her now deceased husband, to helping victims.

About Last Night

About Last NightCath Talarico has made plenty of mistakes but she had been doing good. Then with a blind date and too many drinks she wakes up in a strangers bed but he isn’t exactly a stranger. She has seen this man on the train and studied him. She will want to resist him but it won’t take much for her to fall into his bed. She just won’t take the leap to fall in love.

Nev Chamberlain was from a wealthy family and was a banker but his heart was not in his work. Nev was a painter but he was too scared to try and make it in the art world. He will find himself on a new adventure as he pursues Cath. They will have no problem about passion but Nev will want more, he will want all of Cath.

About Last Night is a novel from Ruthi Knox. She is an author I picked up on the whim.This was a novel that didn’t interest me right away but as I got through a couple of pages I found myself interested in Cath’s character. She is definitely a free spirit but one that was trying to redeem herself. She would not give Nev a break or make anything easy. Now Nev was the man who wanted out of his normal boring job. I liked that he was a painter and had that passion. He was persistent when it came to Cath which was needed as she was not easy to go along with his plans.

I had figured the novel being a romance novel (the cover says it all) there would be that passion between the two characters. There was and Knox did not extinguished the fire between them. There was nothing but sex between the two characters and it was hot and heavy. Of course as Cath opens up she starts to share more about her life which was pretty tragic.

The family is not the best especially the mother and the brother. I was happy to read that the mother at least becomes better which only happens when Nev becomes more assertive.

There was the tragic past with Cath and I liked how Knox slowly unfolded what had happened throughout the book. It was interesting to find out what those tattoos had meant to Cath. I thought the ending was a perfect way to wrap up for Nev and Cath and give them that new beginning.